Checked out the hottest club in town? Did you see Neolith?

May 16, 2013

Boston Design Center 1 resized 600

If you’ve not yet been to Club 342 , you’ve got to check it out! There may be no DJ “spinning” a pulsating beat from his Mac laptop or swanky cocktails with Elderflower liquor…or maybe there will be?

Club 342  is the new private “Designers Club” in the Boston Design Center  that’s available for designers to use for work, meetings, conferences, and even special events. Designed by Marcus Gleysteen Architects   and built by Sanford Custom Builders , the club was made possible through donations by several Boston area tradesmen and furnished and accessorized through generous donations from several BDC showrooms.

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Neolith From The Size Makes a Big Impression at KBIS

May 09, 2013

Neolith Curve Panel resized 600

Featuring a large, gently curving rear wall comprised entirely of Neolith, The Size booth at last week’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS)  was abuzz over this unique, versatile material.

Showcasing how Neolith is ideal for countertops, cabinets, wall coverings, flooring, facades and so much more, the company’s display demonstrated what makes this material special. A ceramic made of 100-percent clay or sand, the material is resistant to scratching, stains, heat, fire, chemicals, cold, heat and even UV rays. Neolith  is a hygienic surface that’s extremely low-maintenance and easy to clean. It also stands up to high traffic, continuing to look like new for a lifetime.

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What is the largest tile? 48"x 144" by Neolith

April 11, 2013
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Eight benefits of eco-friendly Neolith

January 29, 2013

Marble And Granite, Inc. in keeping with her long tradition of staying ahead of the curve by providing the latest surfaces for countertop, flooring and other vertical applications has once again introduced this wonderful and eco-friendly product called NEOLITH. This is probably the only product of its kind which is eventually going to find an application in every conceivable form of space. It is because of this versatility that we will not define this product strictly in terms of a countertop material only.

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Create a Canvas for a Stunning Design with Bright White Interiors

November 20, 2012
To the untrained eye, the color white is nothing special. But to professionals or anyone with an eye for interior design, the color white is one of the most dynamic colors in residential and commercial design. Bright white hues have an amazing ability to highlight every detail. No matter what the style, white interiors allow architectural detail and color accents to really shine, empowering them to impact the entire look and feel of a space. InteriorHolic said it brilliantly. 
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5 Unique Ideas for Designing or Updating Stone Fireplaces

November 15, 2012
During the holiday and winter season, it seems that no matter where you start a gathering, it always ends up around the fireplace. That's why now is the perfect time to consider updating your fireplace in time for friend and family gatherings this season. To provide inspiration for a fireplace design that you and your guests will enjoy for its warmth and beautiful aesthetics, here are five of our favorite fireplace designs that have been featured in Architectural Digest
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Tips for Choosing Commercial Floors

October 30, 2012
When it comes to choosing floors for commercial designs the three most important considerations to make are maintenance, aesthetics and cost. And these three factors are what have made Neolith ceramic slabs a top choice for commercial interior designs. As a ceramic stone, Neolith is available in large slabs - up to 12 x 4 feet - that make Neolith incredibly versatile and perfect for large tile flooring. Because it's available in such large slabs, you can cover large areas without any seams, saving on materials and installation costs. Neolith is also extremely durable and does not require any sealants; it is resistant to liquids, stains and heat. On top of all this, Neolith slabs come in a wide range of colors that can help achieve any style or look. 
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Marble And Granite Dot Com: Window To Your Kitchen Countertops

August 29, 2012

 Marble And Granite, Inc. is New England's most trusted supplier of countertop-quality marble, granite, soapstone, and an exclusive dealership of no maintenance Caesarstone and Neolith - products geared to infuse a sharp and modern look to your dream kitchen.

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Countertops Are Easy WIth Neolith

August 07, 2012
Whether it is the kitchen at home or the breakroom at the office, kitchen renovations using Neolith are incredibly easy. Often, countertops are what make a kitchen look past their prime.
Stone Design Textile Black 1 resized 600
Stone DesignTextile Black 3 resized 600Refinish Not Remove

Merely changing the countertops will often do the trick. Countertops receive most of the wear and tear in a kitchen or breakroom. Folks lay down their keys, and other items, which scratch the surface. Sometimes a hot pan or plate will scorch the finish, which can never be fully removed. And, countertops are the most noticeable item in a kitchen or breakroom. Because of their height, the eye naturally gravitates toward them. So giving these a facelift would create a whole new room. And at literally a fraction of the cost of most kitchen renovations. Often, the kitchen plays a large role in deciding on a home’s worth. To have this stand out and looking new is beneficial, if you wish to sell your home.

Neolith by TheSize is a truly amazing product. Born in the kilns of Italy, this is as pretty as granite and sturdy as the mountains themselves. With the coating that is added, Neolith can hold up to years of use with showing zero wear.

Kitchen renovations never had it so good. With Neolith as the finish for the countertop, your kitchen will be given a facelift that will change the entire look of your room. Because of its nearly magical qualities, this surface cannot scratch, wear, scorch or lose its luster very easily. You will be hard pressed to hurt this finish. It is also great for floors, walls and outdoor kitchens as well, for the UV protection lasts many, many years.

Save Time, Money, Dust

To refinish a countertop, instead of replacing it, not only saves time and money in the item, but also in the installation. There is hardly any mess, as Neolith can be placed directly on the surface of the existing countertop and panel faces during kitchen renovations. No need for demolition. With the abundance of colors from which to choose,

Marble and Granite is the one of the largest retailers on the east coast for Neolith. Here, you can to choose from the largest selection Neolith has to offer. Drop by, see what is available in person, as you will be amazed at its beauty, depth and shine. Our staff is here to help you choose what is best for you.
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Affordable, Beautiful Bathroom Renovations By NeoLith

May 10, 2012
Beautiful Bathroom Renovations By NeoLith

Bathroom and sauna renovations can be such a chore, as they revolve around one of the most functional rooms in the building. This is especially true when a total reconstruction will be taking place.

Often, folks think in terms of an all or nothing renovation. Full reconstruction can take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of crew involved in the project. During total bathroom renovations, a great deal of dust is generated, causing the areas adjacent to be affected, as well. Customers are unhappy with construction zones, so the quicker the project is finished, the better.

Affordable Bathroom Renovations

Those who wish to explore options other than a full renovation of a sauna and restroom area can see there are many choices available. One of the wisest considerations is the use of NeoLith. This is a wonderful material for both building managers and contractors alike. It is a manageable, beautiful and workable material that turns a well-used bathroom into a work of art.

Instead of ripping out the cabinetry around the sink, or replacing the walls, which are sound, but weathered, you can put a new face on them.

Advantages of refacing the objects in the room:
  • keeps the cabinetry, instead of buying new ones, reducing costs
  • changes the look of the walls, as opposed to tearing them down
  • has the choice of tiles or slabs, reducing labor costs
  • has the ability to custom fit the NeoLith around corners or in artful designs
  • NeoLith is very light and easy to transport and carry from the truck to the area in renovation, reducing the need for labor and renovation time
  • the NeoLith also is easy to install, reducing labor costs
  • reduces the time spent in the overall renovation process, again reducing the cost of labor
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