Know Your Project Cost Breakdown

Costs are divided into four categories: materials, labor, installation and profit. Materials, the first category, composes 15-25% of your project price. The price of natural stone depends largely on its availability. Stone such as Ubatuba can be mined in various locations and is readily available, therefore it is less expensive than a rarer stone like Blue Pearl and Soapstone. The rarer stones have fewer sources and therefore there is more quality control and reliability from each source. Exotic stones like Azul Bahia and Calacatta Original are more expensive because they are scarce and fused with semi-precious stones. Such stone is hand selected by full-time Marble and Granite buyers in Brazil and Italy.

Labor makes up another significant portion of your price. Project personalization such as polishing, edge profile, backsplashes and waste are factored into this price. Shop overhead is also considered a labor cost.

The third category is installation. Consistent, quality installation is worth the price and is particularly valuable. To minimize errors, have the same specialist template and install your natural stone . Working with insured subcontractors and installers provides accountability and peace of mind.

The final consideration is profit. Profit helps fabricators furnish a safe work environment for employees, strong contracts with reputable distributors, and a high-level of customer service for you, the client.