Natural Stone Names

Natural Stone Names Reference Chart

In the stone industry, it is very common for a material to have more than one name.

Our Name for This Stone

Also Known As

Antique Ice

Bianco Antico

Amazon Blue

Cinnamon Blue

Amazon Star

Antique Brown, Brown Pearl


Golden Cosmos, Golden Eclipse

Autumn Leaf

Golden Peach, Yellow Rusty,
Giallo Fantasia

Azul Cielo

Blue Celeste

Bianco Napoleon

Bianco Leblon

Bianco Sardo

Luna Pearl, Salt & Pepper,
Majestic White

Brown Pearl

Café Bahia

Blue Star

Blue Butterfly

Blue Australe

Green Labradorite

Bross Blue

Dynamic Blue

Deer Brown


Fantasy Brown

White Reef

Golden Lightening

Verde Karzai, Verde Vacchio

Harvest Cream

Golden Riviera

Imperial Brown

Imperial Coffee, Café Imperial

Jaguar Yellow

Costa Blanca

Jet Mist

Virginia Mist

Kerala Green

Hawaii Green, Tropical Green

Labrador Antique

Brown Shada

Marron Brown

Emperador Dark

New Botticino

Bersa Beige

New Venetian Gold

Dakota Dawn

Piracema White

Scottish Meadow


Sea Grass

Pocono green

Sea Weed Green


Golden Sunset, Ivory Brown



Super White

White Vermont, White Fantasy,
Bianco Juparana

Surf Green

Lemon Ice, Typhoon Green

Stormy Night

Golden Thunder

Tan Brown

Cranberry Brown

Tropical Brown

Najaran Brown

Travertino Cream

is the perfect
substitute for DURANGO

Valley White

River White or White River,
Wine River

Verde Jade

Butterfly Jade, Jade Green

Verde Maritaca

Olive Green

Verde Portofino

Coast Green

Via Lactea

Concord Black

Verde Borgogna

Verde Karzai, Verde Vacchio

Viscount White

White Wave

White Rhino

Afyon sugar

White Macaubas

Luce Di Luna

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