Stock Materials

When comparing our everyday low prices of program colors with our competitors’

REMEMBER: Our prices include:

First Quality Materials

  • Good Size
  • Uniform veining
  • Fully usable slabs
  • Nice finish

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Look at these everyday priced materials, all 1-1/4” thick material:


Absolute Black Premium $12.97/sf
  Regular $12.30/sf
Mascarello Lot# 8996 $12.95/sf
Black Pearl   $9.00/sf
New Caledonia   $7.25/sf
Verde Ubatuba   $7.50/sf
Green Butterfly   $7.95/sf
Tan Brown   $7.97/sf
Giallo Santa Cecilia Light $8.25/sf
  Regular $9.25/sf
  Premium $10.50/sf
New Venetian Gold Premium $10.50/sf
  Regular $9.50/sf
Giallo Ornamentale Premium $11.25/sf
  Regular $9.95/sf