"Selecting new counters can be daunting but Marble and Granite helped make the decision and process easy and smooth.  We love the Vardara quartz counters and we’re so glad you accommodated our change from taupe to gray veining. They are beautiful and just the look we wanted to achieve, for ourselves and for possible resale. The Vardara quartz counters were key to transforming our kitchen to a contemporary, bright, beautiful and uplifting space. Thank you again for helping to make this happen. We would highly recommend Marble and Granite and Vardara quartz! ‚Äč."
Fran B. from Boston, MA

"Hi Christian, It was lovely meeting you today. We want to thank you for the welcoming environment at Marble and Granite. Steffen and I have been dealing with many types of vendors during our build and we both agree this has been our most pleasant to-date. 
I wanted to ask you if you’re able to source a stone for us, Nero Tunisi, we would like to use this as our fireplace surround and would need several slabs. Our dimensions are roughly 10w’x15h’. We do know of another vendor who can get it but would prefer to work with you and OB."


"Thank you again for a pleasant, informative, and efficient visit to your showroom in June. Your knowledge, patience, eagerness to help, and courtesy made a complex search (dark green counter-top material definitely doesn’t grow on every tree) easier and more fun. The clever app you used to search and locate the right stone for us and the graciousness with which you had the slabs displayed so that my architect and I could look at all of them
made the whole process smooth and virtually stress free.
We appreciated the Marble and Granite experience even more when we drove further down University Avenue in the pouring rain to check out another store, whose name I have entirely suppressed. I felt that for such a large purchase, I needed to do at least a little comparative shopping, but man, the trip was a complete waste of time.
The salesperson who spoke to us when we walked in was unable to register us on the computer, as it wasn’t working properly, and had to fill out a paper form. At no point did she ask us what color, material, or size we were looking for, or express any interest in the project. She spent more time explaining where to put the mandatory
hard-hats after we were through with them than she did telling us anything about the samples or slabs. We even asked if she would stay with us and answer questions, or help us find the right stone, but she said, “most people” just liked to walk around on their own, and ask for assistance if they needed it. Then she walked away. Three quarters of the dark, crowded warehouse was taped off, so we couldn’t access it (even with hard hats on), and there was a noisy piece of equipment in the middle of it with people working, moving big pieces of stone, and taking up a lot of space. Slabs in the small area where we were permitted were so close together that we could see little (just as you told us would be the case), and there was no key, map, or logical display principle to organize the inventory. And need I say there were absolutely no green stones? We asked one of the people working what was in the roped-off area, and he replied that it held duplicates of what was on display in the front, which was visibly untrue even from where we stood. We left after 15 minutes, and should have left after five. We were certainly glad we went to Marble and Granite first. And you can tell anyone you wish that I said so."

Ann from Boston, MA

I cannot stress enough how amazing Diana Lamberty is.  Since November, after my condo was completely destroyed/flooded from a broken pipe from a condo above, I have been searching for only two 12 x 12 tiles to replace broken tiles.  My bathroom floor was just one of the few things not destroyed.  However, locating two marble matching tiles was a nightmare. Countless calls to Daltile, all of which were never returned, visits to area showrooms and calls with reps all proved fruitless.  On a tip, I called your company and Diana answered.  I explained my story of sorrow, and she was responsive.  I was suspicious, as every effort was a dead end prior.  However, Diana rose above all the others and saved the day!
I have several properties across multi-states, and will certainly use your company for renovation projects!!

Kristen from Eliot, ME

I recently had the pleasure of working with your employee Mike Tutin at Marble and Granite. I have to say I found it quite refreshing to work with someone so customer-focused, friendly, and conscientious for a change.
He not only helped me with my selection but was extremely patient in assisting me in analyzing several quartzite samples from the same lot that actually turned out to quite different. I realize this takes time and these pieces are very cumbersome to move! In the end I purchased two large slabs I liked very much.
In addition we also had a fabricator snafu that resulted in me nearly losing the slab to another buyer. Mike was right on it and personally called me giving me a heads up so I could rectify the situation.
I am in the midst building a new home and I wish I could say more of my vendors were as pleasant to work with as Mike. I find him honest, knowledgeable, and ethical. He worked very well with my designer Jason as well. Mike seemed honestly interested in hearing about our project and our needs.
In short I just wanted to remind you of what a great employee you have and my high regard of your company. I realize that we usually find time to complain but seldom take the effort to put in a good word for someone who provided service beyond our expectations.
I know without a doubt the next time when I need marble or granite where I will be headed. I would not hesitate to recommend your company or Mike Tutin to my circle of family and friends.

Loretta from Holliston, MA

Thank you so much for educating us! We truly enjoyed learning from you and as my husband said, quote “he knows his stuff!
Kristin from Portland, ME  

We wish to let you know, that the additional drive was worthwhile.  Not only were we able to select two slabs that met the color and surface pattern, but your representative, Andrea – for the Westwood Showroom was remarkably helpful.  She graciously welcomed us, without an appointment and found the soapstone slabs that we reserved for us.  Your representatives and workmen in the warehouse pulled a few different slabs for us and we found two that worked for us!
Richard and Iona from New Providence, NJ

We recently visited your company to select a granite top for our revised kitchen.  This is our second visit as we were looking for something that was not the norm.  My husband especially being a geologist (now retired) saw the Black Mosaic which was definitely not the norm so we placed a hold for the # of pieces we thought we would need.  Your representative was great with people, has a sharp eye and she loves her job.
Pamela from Dorset, VT

I just received the stone cleaner and sealer and I must admit, I loved it!!!!  Thank you again for your exceptional service, you were truly a delight to do business with!!
Tamera from Boston, MA

My sister and I had a lot of fun viewing all the different products in your showroom. It was very refreshing to deal with someone so informative, genuine and funny. Since I started my kitchen project, I'm so tired of going into places and feeling like I'm dealing with a car salesmen. It was very nice to come across someone so down to earth. Thanks again for all your help. 
Palmira from Connecticut

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Tammy and Mark were impressed with your knowledge and service. We really appreciate you taking the time to educate the consumer and give them your best service possible.
Michelle from Plymouth Marble and Granite