Pricing Countertop Stones

On your search for the perfect granite countertops, while aesthetic is probably the most important decision, the price is definitely something to watch for. Many variations including everything from the quality of the granite to the that of the manufacturer can influence the final cost.

Pricing granite countertops can be pinned down to two key factors: time and materials.

Time is of the utmost importance in determining an efficient cost, can be divided into three stages. The first stage of the project would be to take all of the necessary measurements. This includes allowing space for sink areas and, unfortunately, a more complex kitchen can mean more consumption of time. One element to consider is the time it takes for the installers to travel to the site and get all of the details cleared up. It's crucial that all of the details about the kitchen or other area of installation be made known to both the manufacturer and installation personnel, ensuring the most time-efficient path.

Another process in time-saving is the amount of time it takes for the granite to be manufactured. This varies depending on how elaborate the cutting is. If the granite edge is curved, this can take more time to carve, while straight edges are much simpler to cut. The sink type also plays a huge part in saving time; under-mount sinks require finishing, and this can be a lot of work if faucet holes need to be drilled, the installation of backsplashes requiring electric cut-outs, and drains that need to be put in.

The final stage involves the actual delivery of the product and the following installation. The distance to the job site, assistance needed to carry the materials, and the setting of countertops and sinks can hugely modify the price.

The cost of the materials depends on both the price of the individual slabs and the number of slabs required. The amount of slabs can be easily determined once the sizes are chosen. Ask the fabricator or find prices on a supplier website. Large variations in price could be pinned down to different materials, vast veining, or coloration differences or staining.

The most important decision you can make when it comes to pricing granite countertops is the one that works best for you, and Marble and Granite can be the answer you need when looking for a quality and cost-efficient kitchen makeover.