Pricing Granite Countertops

If you are planning a kitchen makeover, or even just considering one, one of your first priorities will be the establishment of your budget. Your design, layout, and selection of materials will almost always be dependent on the cost—perhaps you are considering a granite countertop, but you’re afraid it won’t fit your budget.

At Marble and Granite, we offer a wealth of information to help you find the right product for your budget. Our selection of top quality natural stone products is sure to have a product to fit your design at an affordable price, often very competitive with other conventional–and less attractive–products.

When it comes to the budget, our website will take you through the process step-by-step. We provide a detailed project cost breakdown which explains every aspect of the pricing of your project – material, fabrication, installation and profit.

You can browse our complete line of products and see detailed pricing information for each one. Our entire inventory is divided into four budget groups in order to assist you in making the best choice for your project.

  • The first group consists of budget-conscious granite. These particular pieces are readily available and easily processed which enables us to keep the cost very low.
  • The second group is made up of reasonably-priced granites. The material in this group is still widely available but involves more difficulty in processing.
  • The third group of granite slabs includes exclusive stones, much less common than the first two groups. Along with reduced availability, the slabs in this group require more complex processing.
  • The final group is a very select group of precious stones. These pieces are available in a very limited quantity, and the processing involved is extremely difficult.

For your convenience, we have a “search by price” filter in our Products search to help you narrow your stone focus based on slab price, so that we may help you stay within your project budget.

Another key component in the budget is fabrication—check out our fabricator network to find a reliable and reputable fabricator in your state.