Specialty Cleaners & Proper Stone Cleaning

Like any other surface in your home, natural stone needs to be cleaned to maintain its beauty. However, natural stone requires cleaning products specifically designed for stone's unique mineral composition.

Most popular general-purpose cleaners will etch or damage the stone, or degrade the sealer, therefore removing protective properties and allowing the stone to become susceptible to stains. Cleaning products containing too much acid or alkalines will etch the stone, and scouring powders and abrasives will scratch the surface.

Maintenance cleaning with a PH-balanced, neutral cleaner will help remove soils that normal dusting or damp mopping leave behind. It also helps keep your stone free of dust and dry, sandy soil to minimize wear patterns from everyday use on some softer stones. Specially designed cleaners for stone will also never break down the protective sealer. In fact, some cleaners contain protective properties which reinforce the sealer and prolong stain resistance.

For heavier cleaning jobs, using cleaners formulated for stone will effectively remove tough grime and messes, yet be gentle on the surface.

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