Differentiating Between Premium and Commercial Grade

Differentiating Between Premium and Commercial Grade

November 06, 2011

In our last post, we went over why certain stones are labeled "premium grade." Now, we are going to explain what makes commercial grade stone different from premium grade. Of course, premium grade materials are always the first choice amongst distributors and fabricators, but there is still a need to offer commercial grade stone to the industry as well. To clarify what we mean by "commercial grade," here are a few of the qualifications and applications of this type of stone.

  • Commercial grade stone slabs are slightly smaller and may contain some veining or color inconsistency.

  • Since these stones are found and quarried in higher abundance, they are less expensive than premium grade stones.

  • Fabricators who produce at higher volumes can purchase these readily available materials at a lower cost and in bulk to use for commercial jobs and spec homes.

Most of the materials we carry here at Marble and Granite are first-quality premium grade stones that are hand-picked by our buyers in the local Brazilian market, but we do offer a small selection of standard commercial materials that can be purchased in bundles. These products include Verde Ubatuba, Absolute Black, Giallo Santa Cecilia and New Venetian Gold. We clearly indicate which of our stones are premium and which are commercial so trade members know exactly what type of natural stone they are choosing.

Learn more about our premium and standard stone products by speaking to one of our experienced representatives today. Call us at 877-39-STONE or visit us at one of our showrooms located at 125 Old Gate Lane in Milford, Connecticut or at 270 University Avenue in Westwood, Massachusetts.

New Venetian Gold Commercial Grade Granite from Marble and Granite, Inc. 


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