2017 Color Trends Go Green

January 12, 2017
2017 Color of the Year Greenery (PANTONE 15-0343)
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Know Your Stone

December 07, 2016
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Adhesives and Sealers and Cleaners...Oh My!

July 26, 2016


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Countertop Trends: Through Thick and Thin

August 22, 2013

Is thin “in” or is thick where it’s at? When it comes to the latest trends in countertops, the answer is actually both.

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Saint Pierre Brushed Marble Slabs Now in Stock

July 09, 2013

Looking for the latest designer natural stone? Saint Pierre Brushed Marble 3cm is the new center of attraction in our showrooms.  Hailing from Canada, this beautiful material is high-density and high-fashion which makes it suitable for floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and almost any other residential or commercial application you can dream of.

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Step Up the Style in your Laundry Room with Natural Stone Countertops

January 03, 2013

It's one of the most sought-after attributes for potential home buyers. Ask any realtor, and they'll tell you that buyers constantly ask, "Does it have granite countertops?" It's not hard to understand why. Granite is a beautiful stone that will stand the test of time, both in durability and style. With a variety of colors available, granite goes well in any room, yet how often do you see it in a laundry room? Often overlooked because of its function, there is no reason not to give your laundry room a makeover.

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Caesarstone and Natural Stone Combinations

August 01, 2012
In two recent posts, we discussed the Incredible Durability of Caesarstone surfaces as well as The Not So Obvious Benefits of Caesarstone Surfaces. Now we'd like to discuss design solutions for homeowners that want to take advantage of this high performing quartz material while still getting to enjoy having gorgeous granite, marble or other natural stone in their home as well. 
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Create an Accent Wall That Doubles as a Chalkboard with Honed or Natural Slate Tile

July 31, 2012
Slate is a metamorphic rock that has light brown to dark streaks and can be easily cut into fine sheets. With these natural qualities, slate has become a popular material for honed countertops and tile flooring. But did you know that slate is also commonly used as a natural chalkboard? 
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The Many Shades of Marble Tiles

June 14, 2012

While you can never go wrong with marble tiles in classic shades of black and white, designers and homeowners should consider the other tones and hues of marble tiles that can enhance interiors. For a recent New England Home feature entitled "Trends & Trendmakers," several designers were asked to name the new and old trends that are prevailing in today's interior designs. When it comes to current trends in floors, walls and finishes, these designers concluded that color ins "in." As New England Home writer Paula M. Bodahput it, "Pastels and neutrals will never vanish, but all the pros agree that color is back in a big way."

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