Celebrating Your Stone Countertops with Kitchen Decor

Celebrating Your Stone Countertops with Kitchen Decor

October 24, 2011

Now that we have taken you through the entire kitchen countertop renovation process from why you should renovate your kitchen to the installation of your countertops, it's time to celebrate and decorate. We turned to one of the most popular interior design magazines, Elle Decor, for ideas on different ways to glorify your countertops through beautiful kitchen decor. Since it is the season of cold temperatures and warm hues, we chose our favorite decor that was inspired by the warm colors and natural textures of autumn. Tell us in a comment which decorating ideas are your favorite or share with us one of your own decorating ideas!

Create a table setting full of fall colors.

display colorful fruit and festive flower arrangements.

Use a tall plant to add dramatic vertical interest and a touch of nature.

Find an intriguing piece of art that suits your kitchen design and personal style.

 Update to stylish lighting fixtures to match your new countertops. 


All Photos via Elle Decor
1. By Katie Sears
2. By Eric Piasecki
3. By Miguel Flores-Vianna
4. By William Waldron
5. By William Abranowicz


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