Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

September 20, 2011

A kitchen featuring Sinterlite by TheSize countertops from Marble and Granite Inc.

As you are looking around your home, you may be deciding that it's time for a little updating, but where do you start? Home value experts assert that homeowners need to make renovations where it really counts, where the homeowner will get the highest return on investment (ROI). The rooms these experts confirm get homeowners the highest ROI in renovating are the kitchen and the bathroom.

In these times economic times when home values are slipping, kitchen remodels remain the interior home improvement project that increases the value of your home the most. On average, homeowners who complete a major or minor kitchen renovation are seeing a 70% to 80% ROI. This means that these homeowners are getting this percentage of the remodeling costs back when selling their property. Real Estate agents will tell you that homes with kitchens that boast hardwood flooring, stone countertops, ample cabinetry and state of the art appliances are the homes that sell first.

Marble and Granite, Inc. can help you achieve a stunning kitchen and the highest ROI with our natural stone countertops and one of our reliable local fabricators. Browse our natural stone products online or visit one of our showrooms at 270 University Avenue in Westwood, Massachusetts or 125 Old Gate Lane in Milford, Connecticut.

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