Most common color for Kitchen Countertops: White Marble

Most common color for Kitchen Countertops: White Marble

April 10, 2012

If like most of you have been looking to renovate your kitchen, you will no doubt have found quite a range in material and pricing. Marble will have come to mind and just when you thought it was a clear choice, you just couldn't decide what color or shading you wanted to have. Have you noticed just how white marble looks just right on your kitchen counter top? White though feared for its obvious extra effort required to maintain and keep clean, provides an elegant look and feel that you just can’t pass up. So what choices do you have when it comes to white marble? marble countertops

by Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC  Via Houzz

Among the choices in white marble you have Bianco Statuario, Calacatta, Bianco Carrara, Imperial Danby White, and others. The difference here will be in the veining. Different types will have either different color veins and a distinct distribution. A major market favorite is Bianco Statuario, it is characterized by elegant and delicate grey veining. Compared to other types in the market, it is more easily available. Calacatta is more exclusive and has more pronounced veining. Imperial Danby white is recognized by its soft gray and gold veins. Its veins are also lighter. Carrara provides a white background and a subtle gray. Yes, all these variants will provide you with the basic white background. The difference will come in how much of the white shines through.
Why would you choose Bianco Statuario you ask, the reasons will vary depending on what tickles your fancy and what your pocket has to say about it. The marble is a readily available product thus a better priced counterpart. The gray on white on these tiles help to ease up on the all white without ever compromising on the overall white feel. So, are you going to keep chickening out and go for that dull color or are you going to take elegance a bit further and choose this beautiful piece? 
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