NeoLith Offers Contemporary Kitchens

NeoLith Offers Contemporary Kitchens

April 03, 2012

NeoLith Offers Contemporary Kitchens

A growing trend in the kitchen renovations is the use of stone. This is one of those materials that gives a sense of strength, longevity, and timeless qualities, as stone is from Mother Earth herself. NeoLith offers stone in a form that is full of color, depth, and is a must-have for kitchen renovations.

Stone is normally difficult for installation, due to its sheer weight. TheSize has come up with a revolutionary way to have your stone without all the back-breaking work. NeoLith is incredibly light and manageable. It is a pleasure for professionals, for it is easy to move, to transport and install without agonizing. And, it takes fewer people to install, saving you money!

NeoLith kitchen renovations last years, and look as though they were added to the decor just yesterday. The surface lacks pores; stains cannot be set. They merely wipe away. Because of the manufacturing process, scratches cannot take hold. And if you ever place your hot pan directly from the stove top or oven onto the counter, no worries. NeoLith was born in a kiln with much higher heat than your cooking utensils can possibly give off. You cannot scorch your countertop if it is made of NeoLith by TheSize.

In last year's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, another growing trend shows to be colorful kitchens and healthy environments. Kitchen renovations cannot be more colorful than the choices offered by NeoLith. Find the deep greens, pure blacks and innocent whites, to name a few, in the grand selection by NeoLith. It is also healthy for preparing foods, as the counters and cabinets would give no bacteria or germs a place to take hold and grow.
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Find the best helper for your project. Marble and Granite is the best choice for acquiring NeoLith. With our amazing selection in colors, we can match your color scheme. We have been in the business of working with stone products for over two decades. Use our expertise for your next project. We work with installation companies with the most experienced and highest quality standards on the market. Let us help you choose the right one for you.

When you begin a project with us, we give our full support and see you through your kitchen renovations. Talk with us at (781) 407-9560 or (203) 876-8195.

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