Types of Marble Tile: Sizes & Shapes

Types of Marble Tile: Sizes & Shapes

April 24, 2012

Tiles are most popular in bathroom and kitchen design, but homeowners and designers need not limit them to these applications as tiles can beautify any room.  Tile work can make a space feel larger or, on the contrary, more intimate. They can create an artistic and eclectic feel to interiors. Or, they can transform a space to become more grandly and formal. Ranging from sizes 1x1-inch mosaics to 36x36 inch tiles, here are the most common types of marble tile, as indicated by Better Homes & Gardens

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Square Tile:  Often coming in 4x4 inch pieces, square tiles can create a simply, unified look or can be used to create a pattern with marble tiles of different hues. Small square tiles from 1/2 x 1/2 inch to 2x2 inches are also very popular for mosaics and murals.
Rectangular Tile: The most common rectangular tiles come in 4x6 pieces and are popularly known as subway tiles. Specialty narrow rectangular tiles are popular for added interest or to use as listellos (border tiles). 
Hexagonal Tile: Small hexagon shaped tiles around 1x1 to 2x3 inches in size are a common tile choice for bathroom floors and can be used to create a simple facade or an interesting mosaic. 
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