How to Enhance Home Designs with Decorative Onyx Slabs

How to Enhance Home Designs with Decorative Onyx Slabs

August 02, 2012

Onyx is a truly unique stone. As a banded calcite, onyx has distinctive patterns and incredible color variegation that can feature tones of gray, white, yellow, gold, orange or even deep amber. Because of its intriguing aesthetic appeal, this natural stone is used in various ways throughout the home do add elegance and drama. 
Onyx can be used to design a striking wet bar. 
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You can dress up doors to create an inviting entrance with door panels mad of onyx slabs or onyx tiles. 
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Onyx can extend from vanity or countertops to make an eye-catching accent wall. 
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While these designs are certainly stunning, one of the most popular ways to decorate with onyx is to take advantage of its translucent qualities to create beautiful, illuminated surfaces. When a slab of onyx is cut to a 3 to 5mm thickness, it can be lit from behind to create a gorgeous glow as light filters through its warm colors and swirling or rippling patterns. This lighting and design technique is commonly used to achieve...
... glowing backlit onxy furniture;
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a fiery backlit onxy fireplace surround;
onyx 5 resized 600
a brilliant backlit onyx kitchen island;
onyx 6 resized 600


and even a safe and strikingly beautiful illuminated staircase. 
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If you find these radiant natural onyx stone designs inspiring, head over to the Marble and Granite online product page to see our selection of onyx slabs. We carry honey onyx, caramel onyx, pink onyx and pineapple onyx. If you are looking for an onyx slab with a pattern that will create a specific visual effect, come to one of the Marble and Granite showrooms in Milford, Connecticut or Westwood, Massachusetts to pick our your onyx in person. 


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