Marble And Granite Dot Com: Window To Your Kitchen Countertops

Marble And Granite Dot Com: Window To Your Kitchen Countertops

August 29, 2012

 Marble And Granite, Inc. is New England's most trusted supplier of countertop-quality marble, granite, soapstone, and an exclusive dealership of no maintenance Caesarstone and Neolith - products geared to infuse a sharp and modern look to your dream kitchen.

As a progressive company our management has always tried to stay ahead of the curve by introducing not only exotic stones from all over the world but also totally new and different products like Caesarstone few years ago and Neolith recently. We introduced Caesarstone to New England's market when many of our competitors knew very little about quartz surface. We believed in its performance and Caesarstone today is one of our strongest products. The company recently introduced Neolith which has been very well received by the Architects, Builders and Designers.

In keeping with company's tradition of innovation and searching new frontiers Mr. Gian Luca Fiori, our President & CEO, decided to introduce retail pricing of material on our website. This step was taken after a long and well thought out process. The intent was sincere and honest - give homeowners every possible tool to take a quick but informed decision. Ultimately homeowners are the people who pay for the project and they deserve every bit of information. Keeping in mind all these factors we gave a facelift to our website so as to provide customers fastest and most reliable information. 


Samuel Johnson once said, " The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it". Information over the phone has always been one of the most popular ways but in these times of cyberspace browsing the web is one of the smartest tools as your first step to gather information. And here are the reasons why:

a) You can ask smart and relevant questions about a product only if you have some prior knowledge about it, and our website can provide you with lots of meaningful information before you pick up your phone to call someone

b) Computers do not get tired and can answer your questions non-stop because of their immense processing power

c) If you are interested in a particular marble, granite, soapstone or other natural stone our website has the ability to give you all possible information starting with the product's country of origin, lot number, picture of slab or tile specific to that lot, dimensions, thickness of material, type of finish and the location of that product. Click on the link "Browse Our Products" on the home page of and follow simple and self explainatory steps

d) Lot of customers show surprise when we ask them who their fabricator is. If you are trying to find a fabrication shop - company that templates, cuts and installs your countertop - you can click on the link "Find A Fabricator" and you will see a list of fabricators based on Zip Code that you submitted

e) One of the most important links is "Helpful Resources" because you will get extremely useful information about properties of different types of natural stone, their care & maintenance and the installation process. The most interesting topic for homeowners under this link is Project Cost Breakdown which gives them an idea as to approximately how much of their money is spent on which component e.g. material, template, cutting and installation

f) You can also register yourself on our website under an appropriate category by clicking on the link "Create An Account" and follow the required steps. Once registered you will be notified everytime we receive shipments of new material alongwith pictures

g) If you are a voracious reader you are welcome to click on the link "Our Blog" and read a variety of articles related to our products and industry in general

h) Our website gets an average of 20,000 hits a month and if you are a fabricator you can increase your visibility by participating as a website partner for a nominal annual fee. Our goal is to drive business to companies who can support a job from start to finish in a highly professional way

We hope that if you follow our suggestions, browse our website and go through all the important links you will be in a very good shape to take the next step. And that next step would be a visit to our showrooms in Westwood, MA or Milford, CT depending on your convenience. We promise you a very warm welcome and an outstanding customer service.


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