Marble & Granite Tiles: Make A Statement With Large-Format

Marble & Granite Tiles: Make A Statement With Large-Format

August 16, 2012

Natural stone tiles have been used on floors for centuries. Natural stone brings the texture and colors of nature to our homes and adds a quality and warmth unmatched by any other surface. 

It is very important that customers do some research before they take a final decision to choose a particular type of natural stone tile. Though most natural stone tiles have some degree of variation in color and pattern yet few like slates can show extreme variation. This is one of the important reasons you should order enough tiles from the same lot so that the variation in color and pattern can still be artistically accomodated by the tile installer. 

Neolith floors

When it comes to choosing the right size for your floor tile the large format tiles - 12" x 24" in particular - have gained immense popularity in 2012. If you would like to go bigger than 12" x 24" we offer super size tiles of 144" x 48" of a new product called NEOLITH. The two most obvious advantages of large-format rectangular tiles are that your floor area appears to be larger and elongated, and the floor will have less grout lines which means less maintenance. 

Once you have decided to use a large-format tile it becomes very important that you hire an experienced tile installer. Large tiles can cause 'lippage' meaning one edge of a tile is higher than adjacent edges. This can cause an uneven finished surface. And once the tiles have been perfectly installed make sure that if stone was used, the floor is sealed with a professional grade sealer - Bulletproof from Dupont or Dry Treat Stain Proof - to avoid staining. Your understanding of these small but important technical details will prepare you for a detailed discussion with your tile installer and he will try to do an outstanding job knowing that you have a reasonably good knowledge of natural stones.

Marble And Granite, Inc. also known to Google as has an excellent selection of 12" x 24" tiles of marble, limestone, travertine as well as super size tiles - 144" x 48" - of Neolith. Surprised by a tile size of 144" x 48"? Check this amazingly sleek and versatile product on our website.


The use of large-format tiles is not strictly restricted to floors only. You can use these for backsplash in kitchen, shower walls and even for a Fireplace. When used in shower walls you can also combine similar tiles in different sizes to add more texture and interest while still maintaining a cohesive design.

 Whether you use marble, granite, limestone, travertine or any other natural stone the unique feature that makes natural stones stand out is their inherent variation. You do not get bored looking at your tiles day in and day out. The variation in color, pattern or texture even within the same lot creates a visual depth that cannot be replicated by a man-made tile.


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