5 Easy Ways for Cleaning Granite Countertops

5 Easy Ways for Cleaning Granite Countertops

January 24, 2012

Keeping your granite countertops clean is crucial to protecting your stone investment. Although granite is the most durable stone surface in the industry, it can still be vulnerable to scratches or stains if it is not properly maintained and cared for. To help you keep your granite countertops looking new for years to come, here are five easy tips for cleaning granite countertops straight from the stone experts here at Marble and Granite

  1. Dust countertops frequently to prevent particles from scratching granite surfaces.

  2. Be cautious with foods and drinks that contain acids as well as toiletries such as perfume, toothpaste and mouthwash as these can cause the granite sealer to be compromised.

  3. Clean countertops every day with a neutral pH-balanced cleaner, specifically formulated for granite, to remove residues from everyday cooking, eating and use.

  4. Blot up spills immediately with a dry, white cloth, turning the cloth frequently; then, spray the area with stone cleaner and wipe away with another clean cloth.

  5. To remove oil stains and other deep stains, use an oil stain remover or poultice, specifically formulated for granite, and follow product directions carefully.

Marble and Granite offers the complete line of StoneTech products for protecting and cleaning granite countertops including the Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector which is perfect for everyday cleaning. Download our Care and Maintenance guide.

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