Why Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces are an Ideal Material for Commercial Buildings & Designs

Why Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces are an Ideal Material for Commercial Buildings & Designs

July 24, 2012

Combine a wide range of styles with durability low maintenance and an impressive warranty, and you have the prime surface material for commercial building and design. Caesarstone is available in 40 colors and patterns and 23 profiles. Made of 93% naturally strong quartz, Caesarstone is more resistant to scratches, chips and cracks than both marble and granite as well as many other natural and engineered surface materials. Caesarstone can even be applied outdoors as it has been proven to retain its color even after extended exposure to UV rays. 

Maintenance is often a major concern with materials used in commercial buildings since more maintenance means more labor and costs. Caesarstone, however, is a naturally nonporous material that requires little maintenance. This means that with Caesarstone surfaces, business owners will never have to worry about sealing, stains or bacteria growth. 

Finally, a precise manufacturing process, efficient fabrication and high-quality installation ensures a cost-effective investment that saves commercial business owners time and money. Not to mention Caesarstone will add incredible aesthetic value to represent your company in a positive light and create a pleasant experience for consumers. Let's take a look at a few examples of Caesarstone designs in commercial settings. 

In this example, Caesartsone quartz tile was used for flooring in a Dubai train station; notice the graceful designs achieved with different Caesarstone colors. 


caesarstone commerical 1 resized 600

caesarstone commercial 2 resized 600

caesarstone commercial 3 resized 600

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a revolutionary coffee chain with locations all over the country, used Misty Carrera Caesarstone for this gorgeous modern style cafe bar. 

caesarstone commercial 4 resized 600

The stunning, rich interiors of the sophisticated Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena feature Lagos Blue Caesarstone bar tops. 


caesarstone commercial 5 resized 600

The Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces headquarters itself is a wonderful example of the beautiful clean look of Pure White Caesarstone floors and table surfaces. 

caesarstone commercial 6 resized 600

As the primary distributor of Caesarstone in New England, Marble and Granite can help business owners complete their commercial spaces with beautiful, luxurious surfaces that come with a 10-year commercial warranty. Begin shopping our Caesarstone products in our online product catalog, then contact Marble and Granite at 877-39-STONE to finalize your commercial Caesarstone purchase. 

Photos via Houzz and Caesarstone


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