Colors of Neolith by TheSize

Colors of Neolith by TheSize

March 08, 2012

 A Splash Of New Colors From NeoLith By TheSize
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What makes sense for a home does not necessarily hold true for a business. However, in the case of NeoLith by TheSize, neither can go wrong. With so many choices of colors, this beautiful finish can be applied to nearly any surface.

When you walk into a building, what is the first thing you notice? Perhaps how clean it is, or maybe the layout of the lobby catches your eye. Though you may not realize this, the colors you see not only effect your sense of sight, but they also subconsciously affect your mood. Restaurants know that the color orange gives the visitor a larger appetite. Lawyers know that blue gives the jury a sense of trust to those who wear it.

When beginning a project for a new building or renovating a room or site, there are often considerations of putting the whole picture together in a well-rounded color scheme. Some folks dread renovating a part of a room because of the added expense to replace all the furniture, the carpeting or other portions in the house or business, simply because the flooring or counter tops are unavailable in a complementary color.

Now, you can put those worries to rest. With the new colors of NeoLith by TheSize, the range of colors gives the builder or renovator an array that will fit nearly any design or color scheme. And with this splash of color comes durability. These finishes last and hold their shine and depth. For many years to come, they will look as though they were added to the room just yesterday.

This material is a dream to builders and viewers alike. With its amazing durability, it can be used for counter tops, floors, and desks. These new colors of NeoLith by TheSize are becoming quite popular in businesses and homes alike. Because of the thickness of these slabs, this material is very easy to move to a construction site; for it is very light. It is easy to work with, be to cut to size, and then glued to nearly any surface. 

These beautiful new colors of NeoLith by TheSize can be found at Marble and Granite, Inc, which happens to be the distributor for New England. When you find yourself ready to order this unique product, you can check pricing and availability here



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