Thin is in: An Economic Solution for Great Kitchen Countertops

Thin is in: An Economic Solution for Great Kitchen Countertops

March 27, 2012

NeoLith Shows That Thin Is In

Why is it so great that NeoLith is only 5mm thick? That means that you are able to create kitchen renovations with a material that simply overlays your cabinets. It means there is no need to remove what is already there. And, that there is no huge mess to make, or to clean up during your kitchen renovations.

It also allows for a quicker installation and less time needed for your kitchen renovations. And, that spells savings for your pocket book. Because NeoLith is so amazingly thin, it is able to be cut in whatever shape is required to give your counter a new top. You can have a whole, new kitchen without serious construction. It can be done quickly, and you will not be eating out for weeks while waiting for your kitchen renovations to be finished.

Okay, it’s thin. That means it won’t last, right? Wrong! TheSize has created a process that allows for this material to be amazingly strong, even though it is really thin. It retains its shine; its surface cannot be easily scratched. It lasts and lasts. The great thing is, while it is lasting for all those years, it still looks as though it were added to your kitchen just yesterday. This, too, saves you money for your kitchen renovations.

NeoLith is really thin. It can be handled by a smaller crew. Because it is really light, there is no need for lots of laborers. It can be easily handled and carried from the van to the house. It can be placed on your floors or cabinets or counters with ease. No more huge crews tramping through your home.
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Marble and Granite is the place to find the NeoLith you want and the folks who can install it for you. We have been in the business for well over twenty years, and have gained a lot of experience in kitchen renovations, as well as offices.

We believe in true customer service. We answer the phone and all of your questions. We want you to know that we are here for you, at any point in the process of your kitchen renovations.

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