Affordable, Beautiful Bathroom Renovations By NeoLith

Affordable, Beautiful Bathroom Renovations By NeoLith

May 10, 2012

Beautiful Bathroom Renovations By NeoLith

Bathroom and sauna renovations can be such a chore, as they revolve around one of the most functional rooms in the building. This is especially true when a total reconstruction will be taking place.

Often, folks think in terms of an all or nothing renovation. Full reconstruction can take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of crew involved in the project. During total bathroom renovations, a great deal of dust is generated, causing the areas adjacent to be affected, as well. Customers are unhappy with construction zones, so the quicker the project is finished, the better.

Affordable Bathroom Renovations

Those who wish to explore options other than a full renovation of a sauna and restroom area can see there are many choices available. One of the wisest considerations is the use of NeoLith. This is a wonderful material for both building managers and contractors alike. It is a manageable, beautiful and workable material that turns a well-used bathroom into a work of art.

Instead of ripping out the cabinetry around the sink, or replacing the walls, which are sound, but weathered, you can put a new face on them.

Advantages of refacing the objects in the room:
  • keeps the cabinetry, instead of buying new ones, reducing costs
  • changes the look of the walls, as opposed to tearing them down
  • has the choice of tiles or slabs, reducing labor costs
  • has the ability to custom fit the NeoLith around corners or in artful designs
  • NeoLith is very light and easy to transport and carry from the truck to the area in renovation, reducing the need for labor and renovation time
  • the NeoLith also is easy to install, reducing labor costs
  • reduces the time spent in the overall renovation process, again reducing the cost of labor
NeoLith by TheSize is an amazing material. It is beautiful, scratch resistant, and durable. During the manufacturing process, a coating is added with a protection that forms a complete bond. Pores are non-existent, thereby removing the ability for mold to grow. Wow! And, it looks brand new for years.

Bathroom renovations using NeoLith are affordable, quick and beautiful.
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Materials and Installation

Marble and Granite, Inc. is an excellent resource for NeoLith. We are able to help you decide which company can perform your bathroom renovations. As we are one of the largest suppliers, we have available the whole line of stock for you. Contact us today to begin your renovation.


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