How to Create Unique Design Effects with Natural Stone Tile Mosaics

How to Create Unique Design Effects with Natural Stone Tile Mosaics

May 08, 2012

The beauty of natural stone tile mosaics are the infinite possibilities when it comes to designs. Mosaics can be applied to work in the same way as decorative wallpaper or a hanging piece of art, but with natural stone you have the added benefits of water resistance and durability. This means that natural stone tile mosaics can be used to create design effects that wallpaper and artwork simply could not. Whether for a kitchen, bath or even outdoors, a unique tile mosaic can turn an ordinary space into a work of art. 

Dramatic movement is created by the wave patterns in this stone tile mosaic that runs the length of the floor and wall of this contemporary bathroom. 
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By Nora Schneider Interior Design via Houzz
The granite vanity top and marble floors of this contemporary bathroom are tied together by a multicolored mandala-like tile mosaic in the rear wall of the shower creating an intriguing focal point. 
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By Wade Design & Construction, Inc. via Houzz

The gentle movement and soaring birds created with this marble tile mosaic makes this classical inspired bathroom an especially peaceful space to relax. 
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By Sarah Baldwin via Houzz
The heavy-veining of the marble wainscoting in this shower is paired with a delicate, two-toned floral tile mosaic for subtle contrast that creates an elegant finish. 
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By Mahogany Builders via Houzz

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