Natural Stone countertops cost comparison

Natural Stone countertops cost comparison

May 25, 2012

All home renovation projects, regardless of size, have one thing in common – a budget.
Probably the biggest factor in decision making, the budget will determine more about the final product than personal preference. Fortunately, if you have your heart set on a new stone, marble or granite countertop – your budget needn’t have the final say.
Marble and Granite, Inc. is the place to find an incredible assortment of top quality stone products in a wide range of prices – so your design preferences and your budget can work together to give you the kitchen you want at a price you can afford.

Marble Contertop

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While browsing our products you will notice colored tags next to each product. The tags denote the budget group of the accompanying material. In short the meanings are:

  • A GREEN tag denotes a “budget conscious” stone.
  • A YELLOW tag is a reasonably priced stone.
  • A RED tag is an original/exclusive stone.
  • The BLUE tag is a precious stone.
Some materials, which may be in the same stone family, cross into different budget groups. There are a number of reasons for this.
  • Granite products vary widely based on the availability of the specific material. Those in a lower price range are more readily available while the higher priced materials are more exclusive.
  • Quartz prices tend to be more consistent, but care should be taken when choosing quartz. A lower price tag can be an indicator that the material has lower quartz content than a higher priced member of the same family.
  • Marble tends to be slightly more exclusive but price variations are more likely due to the difficulty in fabrication. There are a limited number of facilities with the ability to do so. Another factor in the pricing of marble is the variations in veining, color, fissures and other inherent qualities in the material.
  • Butcher block tends to be in the upper range based mostly on the low demand.
  • Concrete also tends to be more expensive due to the amount of labor involved in forming and finishing.
  • Recycled products, because of the high cost of acquiring and fabricating the material, range toward the high end of the scale.
Please read Project Cost Breakdown for more information. Marble and Granite, Inc. is dedicated to helping you with the decision process. We have a product for every budget and a qualified fabricator to perform the work.


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