Tips on How to Choose the Natural Stone Tile That's Right for You

Tips on How to Choose the Natural Stone Tile That's Right for You

May 24, 2012

While there are various tile materials to choose from, "when it comes to durability, natural stone is the crème de la crème," as Houzz staff writer Vanessa Brunner puts it. But choosing to go with natural stone tile is the easy part. It's the next series of decisions that can be a bit harder due to the infinite possible combinations of stone types, colors, edge profiles, finishes and patterns. But before you can think about the design details, you must first decide whether you will use marble, granite or slate as well as which finish - honed, polished, brushed, natural cleft, etc. - that you want this stone to be fabricated with. In order to find the right natural stone tile and finish that is right for you, Brunner suggests asking yourself three questions.  
  1. Where will this tile be installed? Will it be installed as flooring, walls or a backsplash? 
  2. How will this tile be used? Will it be exposed to high-traffic or will it serve as a low-traffic decorative accent? 
  3. What is your tile surface budget? Don't forget to consider cost of installation. 
Let's consider a couple of examples. You have decided to do a tile kitchen backsplash. Because this area is vulnerable to splashes and spills while cooking, you will want a tile surface that will be especially easy to clean; hence, you would want to go with a smooth tile, such as honed granite tile or polished marble tile. On the other hand, if you have decided that you would like to install tile in the shower, you may want to go with a smooth tile for the walls, but you would want a textured tile like flamed or brushed slate for the floor to provide an anti-slip grip. 

These types of considerations will quickly help you narrow down the type of stone and finish that you will want for your tile surface. Check back with the Marble and Granite blog for helpful tips on how to choose a tile pattern that you'll love living with for years to come.
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