Design Ideas for Creating a Wow Factor with White Granite or Marble

Design Ideas for Creating a Wow Factor with White Granite or Marble

November 22, 2012

We hear it all the time - "the wow factor" - but is this phrase more than a clichéIs it truly an inherent piece of the interior design puzzle? Let's take a look at what a few interior designers have said about this eye-catching concept. 
Nancy Manning, California interior designer
"Not every piece needs to or should be the "wow" piece. Good design takes a trained editing eye as well as good selection, remembering proportion and context. Impact can be subtle and strong eliciting the desired emotional response. 
Christine M. Stahlberg, California interior designer
"Impactful design is creating a space that has that "wow factor." You enter this space, residence, resort room, restaurant, etc. and immediately feel a sense of comfort, balance, harmony, happiness, which may be subtle or over whelming, but it is an experience sometimes that you can't explain." 
Todd Merrill, New York furniture dealer
"[My approach] is all about the wow factor, and sometimes that means pushing right to the edge of good taste. But if you don't push, life's pretty dull." 
So as you can see, "wow factor" is defined in different ways by different designers, and how one executes the wow factor in a space will always depend on that person's style and preferences. One thing we hope you can agree with us on, however, is the power of white marble to create a dramatic wow factor. To illustrate this, here are some inspiring design ideas for adding wow factors to interiors with white marble. 
The island of this simple, neutral space features white macauba marble countertops with a waterfall effect that creates an understated yet beautiful and soothing wow factor. 
white marble wow factor   1 resized 600
The look and feel of this minimalist, all-white bathroom design inspired by nature revolves around the naturally bold veining of the Bianco Romano vanity top
white granite 2 resized 600

This one of a kind calacatta ondulato marble backsplash was achieved by orienting the veins to create a unique diagonal pattern; the effect is stunning and gives the backsplash incredible movement. 
white marble wow factor   3 resized 600
Homeowners and designers can find high-quality white macauba, bianco statuario and calacatta ondulato marble slabs to design spaces with wonderful wow-factor by shopping in the Marble and Granite online product catalog or at one of the Marble and Granite showrooms in Westwood, Massachusetts or Milford, Connecticut. 
Photos via Houzz and Elle Decor


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