The Motivo Collection by Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces: Where High Fashion Meets High Function

The Motivo Collection by Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces: Where High Fashion Meets High Function

October 25, 2012

Both fashion and interior design are all about beautiful combinations of forms and colors, which is why the two industries will always somewhat overlap. Fashion designers find inspiration from interior design, and interior designers find inspiration from fashion. So in honor of this relationship and the start of the autumn season, we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss a few of the fall trends from the Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week. 

According to fashion reports, the top trends from the Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week included winter whites, architectural drama, glamorous accessories, sophisticated suits, and lots of leather. And these stunning trends couldn't help but remind us of Caesarstone's Motivo Collection. As the world's first quartz surfaces with sculpted patterns, these surfaces truly make a fashion-forward statement. The collection originally debuted with Black Crocodile Caesarstone quartz and White Lace Caesarstone quartz. More recently, the brand introduced White Crocodile Caesarstone quartz, as well. 
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Not only are the Motivo sculpted quartz surfaces innovative when it comes to style, but they are also revolutionary when it comes to durability and function. Designed for vertical applications, these quartz surfaces are grout-free, non-porous and require no sealing or heavy maintenance. This Motivo Caesarstone surfaces perfect for bathroom walls, backsplashes, foyer paneling and even custom furniture! Tiles step aside because Motivo quartz surfaces are an interior design trend that is here to stay.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces will always be in season. Find your favorite Caesarstone surfaces at Marble and Granite, one of the largest natural and engineered stone providers in the country and the primary distributor of Caesarstone products in New England. Start shopping for your Caesarstone countertops, flooring or walls by heading over to the Marble and Granite website, which includes dimensions, pricing and even a handy search tool for finding a reputable fabricator in your area. Happy fall shopping! 


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