Marble and Granite Islands complimented by Caesarstone Countertops

Marble and Granite Islands complimented by Caesarstone Countertops

September 28, 2012

 The demand for marble and granite countertops has increased significantly over the years. Customer preferences are rapidly changing because importers are continuously introducing not only newer and exotic colors of marble and granite but also engineered surfaces like Caesarstone and Neolith which are outstanding countertop products. The word "engineered" specially in reference to stone industry does not sound very natural or artistic to begin with but both of these products are extremely functional and almost maintenance free in addition to their neat and sharp looks. 

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Choosing a natural stone countertop for a kitchen involves many steps. Homeowners generally talk about the overwhelming process of selecting that perfect stone for their kitchen. The process of course is not simple due to so many variables inolved. Some of the most common variables that can delay a customer's decision are;

a) Price of stone

b) Color of stone - too dark or too light

c) Extreme variation in pattern

d) Color of marble or granite not compatible with cabinets, floor tiles and wall paint

e) Not enough material available to complete the job

f) Stone is perfect for Island but may look too busy if used for countertops 

 In this article we are attempting to address at least two of the above mentioned variables. Customers often come across a situation when they totally fall in love with a particular marble or granite but find out to their displeasure that the quantity is just enough to do either an Island or the perimeter. Another situation is when they want to use a strikingly beautiful marble or granite for Island but do not want to use it for perimeter because the space may look too busy. The only solution to handle both these situations is to select a marble or granite for the Island and then to choose a complementary color for the perimeter. In fact this is slowly emerging to be a new trend.

The process of choosing two different stones for Island and perimeter is not easy because if you want to keep your Island to be the focal point you have to choose a color for perimeter which coordinates perfectly and at the same time does not steal the focus away from your Island. This is where Caesarstone colors are of great help. We have selected the following few combinations for you.

 Combination # 1 [Super White for Island & Raven for Perimeter]

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 Combination # 2 [White Ice for Island & Absolute Noir for Perimeter]

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 Combination # 3 [Sea Pearl for Island & Raven for Perimeter]

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 Combination # 4 [Bianco Stauario for Island & Raven for Perimeter]

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Combination # 5 [Persa Avorio for Island & Absolute Noir for Perimeter]

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 We at Marble And Granite, Inc. strive to bring you not only the most beautiful natural stones from around the world but we also invest lot of quality time thinking and finding new ways to make your stone selection process smooth and enjoyable. We truly understand that stones like Super White, Bianco Stauario, White Ice etc. have much deeper meaning for you because one of these stones will eventually become an integral part of your dream kitchen. We assure you that whenever you meet us you will not be treated like a customer but like a member of our big family. You are also welcome to meet us and explore our products in cyber space at



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