No stone left unturned; a Marble and Granite trip to Brazil..

No stone left unturned; a Marble and Granite trip to Brazil..

April 18, 2013


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What an exciting adventure, traveling to Brazil to purchase beautiful Marble and Granite natural stone. Well it may seem like an exciting trip full of fun and glamour, but in reality it involves more hard work and dedication than you would imagine. In order to select and purchase our vast variety of Marble and Granite natural stone materials, some of our employees travel to the Cachoeiro de Itamerin region in Brazil and other exotic locations to find and choose only the best quality material at an affordable price.

Often times this includes travel over long distances with a lot more time spent in airports and on airplanes than enjoying their beautiful surroundings. In addition to the hassle of the packing, rushing and travel via car, bus and plane to view and select material, it is often a mad dash from place to place trying to visit and see as much as possible in a limited time. Still, there is some time along the way for a nice dinner with our colleagues and to take in and enjoy the many exotic tastes, sights, smells and sounds of the beautiful surroundings.

There is always the unexpected rush of excitement of being in the right place at the right time to scoop up a great bargain or to discover an exotic material to bring to our market in the States. In order to be successful on these trips it helps to have a depth of knowledge about the material, pricing and the current market. In addition when you truly love the stone and appreciate the natural beauty of the products and the amazing quarries from where the material originates, it is an easy trip to take.

 Even with this knowledge and love of stone it is difficult to predict what will sell or be “hot”, as we are ordering and purchasing material that may not arrive in our showrooms until many months later.  It would certainly be helpful to have a crystal ball to guide us in the right direction for choosing material that will be popular or trendsetting. However we have been in business long enough to know what materials have a classic color and look and seem to always appeal to a wide group of customers.  Our goal is to offer a large selection of quality materials from exotics to mainstream popular so that we have something for everyone.

As you can see a lot of hard work and thoughtful choice is behind the selection of stones that are available for you to view when you visit Marble and Granite’s locations in Westwood, MA and Milford, CT as well as our online inventory at Purchasing the material and sharing it with you is truly a “labor of love”.


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