What is the largest tile? 48"x 144" by Neolith

What is the largest tile? 48"x 144" by Neolith

April 11, 2013


Neolith Floor

The use of tiles can be seen anywhere, though the initial image that comes to mind may be a shower setting. However, there is now a tile that can be used for many purposes. Neolith by TheSize now has available a tile that will knock your socks off.

It is four feet by twelve, weighing in at 120 pounds. Not even a quarter inch thick, it is nearly unscratchable and unstainable after proper installation. And the colors are amazing.

Don't waste time looking for other tiles of this size, for you won’t find them anywhere else. This opens a whole new realm in the worlds of renovation - renovations are completed much more quickly. The size not only gives a more uniform finish, but it also leaves no unsightly grout joints. The use of these tiles allows for an excellent showcase of products, such as cars. Hotel lobbies and entrances to apartment buildings renovate beautifully with Neolith; actually, anywhere there is a large, open space.

Picture a showroom. Now envision the flooring. The room will be more classy to make it uniform, thus bringing a more classy look to whatever is being showcased. The Neolith installation process is quick and easy, requiring fewer people, as it is so light, even in these large tiles.

To set up a nice showcase, have the space be open, with plenty of room to walk around the objects you are showing off. If there are no large windows for natural light, carefully selected spotlighting will bring an expensive and cozy feel to the setting. Worry not about sun drenching the flooring, as this material can withstand the sun’s rays with no harmful effects. Realize that this showroom will be your best chance to entice the public to see what you have, or to bring them in further. Make the room inviting and comfortable. Image is everything, as this is the first impression you are giving of yourself, your company and your services. Making this area top notch is very important.

Neolith by TheSize is a wonderful product that resists scratches, stains and wear for years to come. Marble and Granite has known for years how great this is and is happy to introduce this new tile. Feel free to drop by and see an example in person at our warehouse. Contact us for more information about this and other Neolith products by TheSize.


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