Countertop Trends: Through Thick and Thin

Countertop Trends: Through Thick and Thin

August 22, 2013

Is thin “in” or is thick where it’s at? When it comes to the latest trends in countertops, the answer is actually both.

Countertop TrendsCountertop by Melissa Miranda Interior Design; photo via Houzz

For what seems like forever, 3cm and 2cm have been the “go to” thicknesses for countertops and vanities. But lately, homeowners looking to put a trendy spin on their countertop projects are deviating from this “standard” by going extra thin or extra thick.

This year at Eurocucina, Milan’s premiere kitchen and bath event, both extremes were prominently featured. Thin tops as skinny as ½-inch or super thick tops as hefty as 5-inches thick both made bold statements. And pairing the two together, with the thin tops commonly around the perimeter and island tops at least twice as thick, lends a whole new look to the kitchen.

Pairing thin perimeter with a thick island Thin perimeter paired with a thick island by Homestead Kitchens; photo via Houzz 

Slim profiled countertops have been all the rage in Europe for a while, which means they’re finally starting to show up in the US and the rest of the world. Typically measuring about 1-centimeter thick, they provide a sleek and modern look that works well with today’s integrated kitchen concept. With this streamlined look, subtlety is key.

European Styled Thin Countertop

Super thin European styled countertop by Bunker Workshop; photo via Houzz 

One great material for this ultra trim countertop look is Neolith. With a 5- to 10- millimeter thickness, it’s perfect to use when you want to achieve a slim profile. Not only is Neolith scratch, stain, heat, fire, chemical, cold, and even UV ray resistant, but the sheets are so thin and light that they’re easily moved and handled, cutting down on transportation and fabrication costs. 

An extra thick countertop also adds unique personality to the kitchen, or bath for that matter. A built-up edge is a great way to show off your surfacing material. A substantial slab of granite or marble, for example, adds visual interest and lends a luxurious look. Some feel that the extra thickness translates to an impression of higher quality, while others desire this style for its “furniture-like” look.

Whatever thickness you desire in a countertop, Marble and Granite, Inc. has the material to help you make a unique design statement. From super slim Neolith to gorgeous natural stone and quartz, we can show you some creative options and help you choose a material that’s perfect for the way you live. 


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