Luxury Trends: Satellite Kitchens made of marble or granite

Luxury Trends: Satellite Kitchens made of marble or granite

August 01, 2013

Imagine having a freshly brewed cup of coffee or chilled juice right in your bedroom each morning…without leaving your master suite. Smaller versions of the real thing, satellite kitchens add a tremendous sense of luxury to the home, not to mention convenience.

Bringing beverages and snacks right to your fingertips, satellite kitchens are at the top of the list for many of today’s home remodels. Useful not only in a master or guest suite, they can be located in dining rooms, media rooms, outdoor patios, pool cabanas, office suites, mud rooms, or virtually anywhere you desire easy and quick access to drinks or treats.

 Satellite Kitchen

 Mud room kitchen by Blackdog Design Build Remodel; photo via

The key to creating a functional yet statement-making “mini-kitchen” anywhere in the home is keeping the focus on “mini.” Manufacturers now offer smaller versions of larger appliances, which are ideal for this application. Dishwashers and refrigerators now come in compact drawers that may be easily installed under a countertop or in a cabinet. Just remember that whatever you include must be cleaned and maintained, so avoid adding more than you really need or will use.

 Master Suit Coffee Bar

 Master suite coffee bar by Busby Cabinets; photo via

Besides convenience, satellite kitchens offer a whole new way to personalize your space. They’re a great spot to get creative and show off luxury materials like marble or granite. And since they’re a significantly smaller scale, you’re using far less cabinet or countertop materials than you would in the main kitchen. 

 Loft Area Satellite Kitchen

Loft area satellite kitchen by Siemasko + Verbridge; photo via 

A mini-kitchen can be truly tailored to fit your individual needs, plus it’s an area where you can have a little fun. Including a coffee maker, toaster oven and refrigerator in a guest room lets your visitors have a midnight snack or enjoy their own wake-up routine. And since nobody wants to pause the movie to run downstairs for a soda or popcorn, why not build a media room kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator, and popcorn machine? You can also add a “candy counter” with Junior Mints, Sugar Daddy’s and Snowcaps for a special movie night treat. 

If you could incorporate a satellite kitchen anywhere in your home, where would it be? Visit either of our two locations to view our large selection of colors. Our stone professionals will help you choose the ideal surface for personalizing your space. 


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