Discover a New Stone: Crystaline Stone

Discover a New Stone: Crystaline Stone

January 31, 2013

Crystaline Stone - Arts


This is one of those fine examples that Marble and Granite, always searching for in new and innovative products. Crystaline Stone is a new line that we found to be a fantastic match for our inventory. When we first saw this, there was no question to add this to our warehouse.

Crystaline Stone begins with a beautiful stone and turns it into a masterpiece. They spent many years perfecting the enhancements of their stone. Small wonder, since Crystaline Stone is a branch of Royal Stone, an international leader of stonework for nearly half a century, headquartered in Brazil. One of the many reasons for their success is their respect for the environment. They use only those tools that employ noise abatement, when cutting or sanding, use water to reduce particulates rising into the atmosphere and reuses that water after a filtration process. Also, the slabs cut for smaller projects are made into tile or used for mosaics, thereby taking the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle very much to heart.

Crystaline Stone improves upon nature in very exotic ways. The look is enhanced with a rainbow of colors, as the surface is strengthened and made especially to withstand scratches and stains. They amazed onlookers at the Coverings trade show this past April, which was located in Orlando, Florida. The attendees were mesmerized by the displays with bold colors and shown various applications, which include counter tops, flooring, as well as walls and furniture. The stone itself can be opaque, allowing light to filter through, adding an amazing ambiance to any setting. Check out the article article that Stone Ideas features for this amazing product line.

The creators of this incredible stone have shown such confidence in this new product, they offer an amazing twenty year limited warranty. This is a rather unusual happening, as a new product rarely sees such a backing. Intercrystaline is the unique process to make this fine stone. It is found only in Crystaline Stone, so be sure to take a look at it yourself in person.

Drop by and honor us with a visit in Westwood, Massachusetts or Milford, Connecticut. We can show you in a comfortable setting these products and can help you create a masterpiece in your own home or business and bring you together with fabricators and installation companies. Contact us today so we can help your dreams come to fruition.


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