The Variables that Determine the Price of Granite Countertops

The Variables that Determine the Price of Granite Countertops

January 10, 2013

Granite is a highly sought-after countertop material. Especially popular in high-traffic rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, using granite for your counters is a solid investment. Granite stands the test of time in both appearance and durability.

If you've decided to incorporate granite into one or more rooms of your home, there are some basics you should know about how to purchase this material. Let's look at several factors which can affect the price of granite. 

  • Size and shape of the slab. Regardless of how much you actually need, you often will be charged for an entire slab of granite. This can result in a lot of wasted money if you're not careful. Work with your supplier to ensure you're only paying for what you use.
  • Color. Step outside and take a look around. These natural shades of browns and greens will often be the best value in a natural stone such as granite. If you want a more unique color, it will come with a steeper price tag.
  • Availability. Lots of factors can play into the availability of granite, such as seasonal quarries. Plan ahead and be willing to be flexible with what you need.
  • Semiprecious stones. When you select a piece of granite with semiprecious stones, this will boost the value of the granite. Quartz, amethyst and agate are types of semiprecious stones often found in granite.
  • Source. Granite can be found in nearly every country around the world, however, the country of origin can play a factor in the price of granite.

So plan ahead and do your research while shopping for granite. By taking the above factors into consideration, you're sure to know exactly what you're paying for in your next home remodel project. Marble and Granite, Inc website is a good source of information to get knowledgeable about pricing. Even better, if you live in or near Westwood, Massachusetts or Milford, Connecticut, stop by one of our showrooms and speak with our knowledgeable staff about the right stone products for your needs. 

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