Subtle variations in different types of absolute black granite

Subtle variations in different types of absolute black granite

July 02, 2013

No color evokes such a variety of feelings as black. It can be magical or mysterious; powerful or pretentious; practical yet glamorous, and has a presence which can not be ignored. Over the years we have come across various reservations regarding the use of Absolute Black granite but this color has always defied criticism.

Absolute Black Granite can be found in different parts of the world, from Canada to South Africa, India, China and Uruguay. At first glance they may all look alike, but close inspection reveals some very definite variations. The differences come from the geological composition of the minerals from which they were formed.

Absolute Black Honed

Caption: Photo by Beth Bischoff, Designed by Freestyle Restyle 


Cambrian Black is from Canada and is known for its distinctive appearance. Small grey crystals mimic the stars in a black velvet sky.

  • Zimbabwe from South Africa is made up of a very tight grain, but is slightly grayish in appearance.

  • Shanxy Black is from China and is grayish black with no color variation, but the slabs are generally small in size.

  • India can offer all three types but the regular absolute black has a grayish hue because of tiny pin point sized white dots. Premium black is totally black with a very small grain. Super Premium Black is free of oils deposits what can cause discoloration over time. 

When looking at each of these stones individually, they all appear very black. Side by side, however, the differences are easier to spot. Absolute black granite will have no hint of color variation. Because the variations are so subtle, it is important to compare actual samples in order to evaluate the colors.

More of a concern is that low quality stone can be treated to make it appear darker, but these products are not permanent and will degrade over time. Some lower quality blacks have oil deposits which may someday rise to the surface and appear to be a stain. Beware! A low price could be an indicator of low quality!

At Marble and Granite, Inc, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to all of these materials and are more than happy to work with you, the end customer, to make sure that your final project is as stunningly beautiful as you have imagined. We carry a wide selection of all types to enable our customers to make the correct decision. If you want absolute black granite, you can be assured that is what you will receive.


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