June 2013

Need To Find the Perfect Natural Stone Countertop? There’s An App For That!

June 27, 2013

Your iPad (or iPhone) + Marble & Granite, Inc.’s StonePedia app = the perfect formula for finding the ideal stone for your project. Whether you’re a fabricator, kitchen and bath dealer, a homeowner with an upcoming stone project, or just someone who’s into studying stone, StonePedia can help.

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Luxury Bathroom Trends: Stone Tile Steals the Show

June 25, 2013

Bathroom Leslie Fine

Caption: Photo by Houzz, Leslie Fine Interiors

The kitchen may still be the heart of the home, but the bathroom is by far one of the most important rooms in the house. There is a defined trend toward luxury and indulgence in the bathroom. As homeowners seek to create spa-like retreats they can access any time they like, designers and manufacturers are coming up with new, creative ways to splurge in the bath. Frequent travelers want to be reminded of the sumptuous experiences they’ve enjoyed at hotels and resorts they’ve visited, so the master bath has evolved into a personalized sanctuary. One of the most important elements in today’s high-end bathrooms is natural stone tile.

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Love marble but hate maintenance? We’ve got the perfect surface for you.

June 20, 2013

The latest colors from Caesarstone  offer a look of marble so rich, you’ll wonder “Is it live, or is it Memorex?” See if you can tell the difference. Which shades below do you think are Caesarstone  and which do you think are the real thing?

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Soapstone: Is it really made of soap?

June 18, 2013

Soapstone by Jewett Farms

Photo by Houzz by Jewett Farms & Co. 

Although it does feel “soapy” to the touch, soapstone  is not made of soap. Rather, it’s a metamorphic rock— meaning it was once an igneous or sedimentary rock that was changed over time by heat and tons of pressure, into what it is today. It’s made mostly of the mineral talc, which is the softest mineral there is. So, as you might guess, soapstone  is a very soft material.

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The Rare Beauty of Super White Granite

June 13, 2013
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We’ve Got You Covered! Marble & Granite, Inc. sells all of your stone cleaning products.

June 11, 2013

HomeDivine Kitchens 

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Using the Tools Properly When Pricing Granite Countertops

June 06, 2013
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Thanks to the transparency of the cost of stone that Marble and Granite, Inc. has provided you, the power to budget properly for your project is in your hands. You won't be subject to hours of looking at stone samples only to learn that your choice is beyond your means. You may find products you have not previously considered that could reduce the cost considerably. But one other important aspect of the budget remains and that is the cost of installation. When you remove the cost of materials from the equation, you can now accurately compare bids from different fabricators.

As you receive bids, you may find a wide gap between them. Be careful not to assume that the service is identical.There are many factors that contribute to the cost of labor and you should know exactly what you are buying. There are a number of questions you will want to ask before you make a decision.

When you seek a bid from an installer, there are general questions you should address such as whether he is a licensed contractor in good standing with your State Board of Contractors. You will want to make sure he is fully insured and that he has experience with stone installation. Here is a checklist of issues specific to stone installation you should address:
  • Are you paying for the entire slab of stone or just that portion used for your job?
  • Will all the pieces used come from the same lot or will remnants of the same color from other jobs be included?
  • If the stone is broken or damaged during installation, will the contractor pay for the replacement?
  • Is he certified to cut Caesarstone?
  • Is there a price difference in fabrication of marble versus granite?
  • Will there be seams in the counters or backsplash? Where are they?
  • Will the stone be sealed and if so, what sealer?
  • Is there an additional charge for sink cut outs?
  • Is the installation warranted against seam separation or sink failure?
  • How is the dishwasher handled?
  • What is the lead time from template to installation date?
When you compare the costs that contribute to the bids, you will see that pricing granite countertops is more complex than you may have thought. But now that you can see the costs, you can determine what elements are of the most value to you. You certainly don't want to pay for damages should they occur, so the insured contractor may have the most reasonable bid, even if his price is a little higher than the uninsured.

Marble and Granite, Inc. is happy to provide you with a list of fabricators in your area. This list is carefully compiled from the top fabricators in the industry to help you find the best installers when you are pricing granite countertops.
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The Green Side of Natural Stone Countertops

June 04, 2013
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