Luxury Bathroom Trends: Stone Tile Steals the Show

Luxury Bathroom Trends: Stone Tile Steals the Show

June 25, 2013

Bathroom Leslie Fine

Caption: Photo by Houzz, Leslie Fine Interiors

The kitchen may still be the heart of the home, but the bathroom is by far one of the most important rooms in the house. There is a defined trend toward luxury and indulgence in the bathroom. As homeowners seek to create spa-like retreats they can access any time they like, designers and manufacturers are coming up with new, creative ways to splurge in the bath. Frequent travelers want to be reminded of the sumptuous experiences they’ve enjoyed at hotels and resorts they’ve visited, so the master bath has evolved into a personalized sanctuary. One of the most important elements in today’s high-end bathrooms is natural stone tile.

We’re seeing a definite shift towards large, airy showers. Even in smaller bathrooms, homeowners are removing walls, and even tubs, to expand the shower. They’re making room for products that pamper, such as steam showers, rain showers, body sprays, programmable showers, light therapy, and even shower speaker systems.

Bathroom Mitchell Construction

Caption: Photo by Houzz, Mitchell Construction Group 


Not only is the shower getting larger, but it’s also getting more transparent and open. There are more options for thicker glass shower doors and walls than ever before. Hinges have virtually disappeared, as have shower enclosures all together, in some instances. In fact, some designers and homeowners are even choosing to completely remove the shower walls, making the entire bathroom one huge tiled wet room.


What’s this trend mean for the stone world? It means that intricate stone and tile work is the star of the show! Clear glass shower walls, or no walls to close off the shower stall at all, means a clear view to the beautiful stone tile products available today.

Bathroom Archia Homes

Caption: Photo by Houzz, Archia Homes

Most any natural stone can be made to work in the shower, as long as it’s properly sealed and maintained. At Marble and Granite, Inc. we have exquisite, top-quality granite tiles, marble tiles, slate tiles, and tumbled tiles sure to turn your bathroom into your own personal oasis. Visit one of our Boston area showrooms where we’ll take the time to provide our recommendations and educate you on proper care and maintenance to give you the luxurious retreat you desire. 


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