A New Frontier: Crystaline Stone goes where no countertop has gone before

A New Frontier: Crystaline Stone goes where no countertop has gone before

March 05, 2013

There’s been a lot of buzz about crystaline stone 

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A new and innovative product we’re offering at Marble and Granite, Inc. This bold and exotically colored material offers unprecedented options for creating countertops and facings that make truly unique focal points. Though the new material inspires boundless creative opportunities, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Brazilian stonework leader, Royal Stone spent the past decade researching and developing technology that improves upon nature in a vibrant way. A process called

Inter-Crystalline Technological Coloring  uses high temperatures and pressure, combined with specially developed sealants and pigments, to molecularly fuse bold, permanent color throughout the stone that won’t fade over time. The process results in a highly durable material with the same properties and characteristics as the original natural stone. Easier to clean than traditional stone, crystalline stone adds an amazing ambiance to any setting—especially when light filters through, dances off of and plays with the surface.

The rainbow of colors that results isn’t necessarily suited for every taste. A homeowner who leans toward traditional design will likely shy away from crystalline stone. Aimed at the architect, designer, or homeowner who’s looking for a bit more than the color palette offered by nature, crystalline stone can be made into dramatic flooring, wall covering, decorative furniture, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, tables, murals, and more. Its mesmerizing colors are for those looking to make a bold statement through sophisticated and original designs.

Here at Marble and Granite, Inc. , you can browse our exclusive collection of crystalline stone, which ranges from exotic tangerine to brazen blue. Visit our two showroom locations to learn how we can help customize a masterpiece for your next project.


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