Choose 2 out of 3 when choosing granite countertops: Price, Quality, Service

Choose 2 out of 3 when choosing granite countertops: Price, Quality, Service

March 07, 2013

Everyone knows there is some correlation between the cost of something, its quality and service; ie: the time of delivery; generally, the higher the cost, higher quality is inferred and the quicker the installation. Sometimes it doesn't matter - if the difference is less than a dollar between two similar products. Or quality, perhaps - if you are going to use it only once, say a plastic fork. But when it comes to a renovation in your house, all of these - cost, quality and service - play a major role in your decision making for what type of materials and which fabricator you plan to hire when pricing granite countertops.

If you skimp on the price of installation, you may end up with really poor craftsmanship, and not even the best product would hold up to that. The lowest price in a fabricator could mean the installation may take a very long time, causing your renovation to be that much more inconvenient, especially if it is in your living space. Or, perhaps the installation could be shoddy, with unsightly seams or shortcuts taken, degrading the overall appearance. It is best to shy away from the folks who give the very lowest bid when pricing granite countertops, even though they are initially very tempting. You may be unhappy with the final result. Feel free to visit our blog for ideas and more tips.

When searching for the lowest price on the granite, you need to make a decision which is more important - functionality or beauty. For, though the granite will last years, the unique qualities, such as the depth in color or intricate veins will be absent, lending a more plain setting for the room.

So if you don’t have that tree in your yard that drops hundred dollar bills, you may find yourself choosing between two out of three, which in the real world, if done right, usually is a good deal.

Come on by our place at Marble and Granite when pricing granite countertops. We can show you the full array of prices, on both fabricators and granite options, in a comfortable setting with no gimmicks. We will work within your budget. Granite countertops last for a long time; they are durable and very beautiful, giving many reasons to use them in your renovations. Contact us to begin working on your next project, so it can be accomplished with a smile on your face.


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