Crystaline Stone: The Difference Between Dyed and Infused

Crystaline Stone: The Difference Between Dyed and Infused

March 19, 2013

Intercrystalline Coloring is more than simply adding a splash of the rainbow. This is the process that can take an ordinary stone and turn it into a piece that catches the eye. For, it is what gives a deep, rich color that makes the stone seemingly glow from within. The process begins with heat in a vacuum setting, adding pressure. The stone separates on a microscopic level, creating small voids. Color is then added to the space, and set. This is where the character of the stone is born. The depth required to perform the colorization is merely a few centimeters. And that is the difference between seeing a color stand on top of the crystals to becoming one with them. Crystaline Stone has turned this process into an art form.

Where once there was a plain stone, there is now a piece that will become the center of a room, regardless of where it is placed and for what purpose it is used - on the floor, on a countertop or a wall covering. You may consider a countertop to be just that, until you see the effects of the colors firsthand. You might find yourself drawn to it, wanting to run your fingers over the smooth surface and marvel at its beauty.

Crystaline Fireplace

Crystaline Stone has been perfecting this creative niche for quite some time now. It has taken a great deal of effort to infuse the stone, to create the desired hue. Taking a cue from the indigenous people in South America using body paint, the idea was transformed to create the effect in stone. This opens a whole new world for architects and artists alike; gone are the days of a pallet of untouchable colors in the world of stone. And, inspired by Nature, the company puts even more effort to reducing its mark on the Earth itself with a myriad of policies to reuse, reduce and recycle.

Marble and Granite is very pleased to make the offer of this Brazilian stonework available here in the United States. With an amazing array of choices, the stone can be on display in a single piece of artwork to stand out in the crowd, or to turn a dreary room into a canvas full of life and color. Contact us for more information about the beautiful Crystaline Stone and how it might become a part of your next project.


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