An Impacting New Material: Neolith

An Impacting New Material: Neolith

May 28, 2013


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Since introducing Neolith  to the U.S. marketplace three years ago, the main focus of manufacturer The Size  has been research, development, and top-notch customer service for the world’s largest porcelain slabs. They focused on the technical perfection of this superior performing surface. Now that it’s making major waves in the surfacing world, the company is taking additional steps to prove why this amazing surface is so versatile.

What makes this material so special? Well, first off, it’s the most “resistant” of any surface used in construction today. The high performance material is impervious to scratching, stains, heat, fire, chemicals, cold, heat, and even UV rays. Its hygienic surface is easy to clean and stands up to high traffic abrasion. Not to mention, there’s no need for sealing and it continues to look brand new well into its life cycle. Second, it comes in a vast array of sizes, including slabs so big that they can be used to achieve long stretches of walls without seams or joints. Finally, the heavy-duty material is so thin that it’s very easy to install and can be laid on top of nearly any material. This makes it ideal for residential applications such as kitchen countertops. There’s absolutely no need to rip out the old to put in the new.

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The Size recently commissioned a laboratory testing by Curtainwall Design Consulting to prove the materials’ effectiveness as a Façade Cladding Element. The results indicated that Neolith is an excellent material for use on building exteriors. The report specifies that it has physical properties which rival any current façade material used in the market today and that it is an option which “can easily be incorporated into current industry applications use din the United States and Canada.”

Tests such as this take a lot of time and resources. But they demonstrate the type of commitment that we in the surfacing industry make to provide the very best product we possibly can to builders, architects, and consumers. Neolith may not replace glass and steel as the most common elements for building exteriors, but this exciting large-format material is certainly going to make a big impact on the building structure and the curtainwall industry…and make building facades a lot more interesting.

Marble & Granite, Inc.  is one of the largest distributors on the east coast for Neolith . Visit us to can choose from a large selection and experience the beauty, depth, versatility and shine of this revolutionary material.

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