Granite Prices: Why Do These Vary So Drastically?

Granite Prices: Why Do These Vary So Drastically?

November 14, 2013

Just like any other product sold, it’s all about supply and demand. Basically, the more rare a style of granite is, and the more “desirable” it’s deemed to be, the higher its price.

Since granite is a natural stone product, there are great variances in the color, veining, and pattern of the stone. These variances can be found from one slab to another, and most definitely from shipment to shipment. Not only are there numerous varieties of granite, but each variety can also experience drastic differences in colors and patterns. No two stones are alike, and that’s one of the reasons that granite is such a popular natural stone for surfacing.

Granite Kitchen RenovationGranite kitchen renovation by TIBMA design/build; photo via Houzz

When choosing granite for your project, you’ll see just as many price points as you will available colors. Expensive granite prices can go over $100 per square-foot just for material alone. For example, a slab of granite that comes from a distant land, in a small quantity, will be priced far higher than a granite slab cut from a large quarry nearby, as will those that are more rare in color.

Granite styles like White Princess, Labradorite Blue Flowers, and Sensation are some of the more high-end options. Basically, anything very rare, or anything with a blue hue, will cost more than other more plentiful options, such as Verde Ubatuba, Tan Brown, and New Caledonia. Factors like veins, fractures, spots, clearness, and other physical attributes can also play a role with price.

Keep in mind that the level of personalization and fabrication complexity will also have an impact on price too. This includes thickness, edge treatments, backsplashes, sealing, finishing, and more. Installation costs also vary widely, as they depend on the type, experience, and quality of the installer and the complexity of the installation required, including transportation and handling. Your location also factors in. Are you in a city high-rise, suburban subdivision, or remote ranch?

Granite countertops by Architectural KitchensTraditional kitchen with granite countertops by Architectural Kitchens; photo via Houzz

In a nutshell, supply, demand, variety of color, and fabrication are the factors that set the price of your granite. Feeling a bit overwhelmed about all of the choices? Marble & Granite, Inc. can help explain all of the details that go into the pricing of a countertop. Click here to learn more or visit our showrooms where we can walk you through the process and show you the many different options at each end of the spectrum.


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