Is Neolith the "Next Big Thing" in Kitchen & Bath Remodeling?

Is Neolith the "Next Big Thing" in Kitchen & Bath Remodeling?

October 03, 2013

Kitchen and bath remodels are a lot of work. Since they involve the intricate systems of a home like plumbing, heating, cooling, and electricity, they also tend to take a long time. This leaves you without your vital necessities such as a toilet, shower, oven, stove, sink, and more while the work’s being done — which is inconvenient to say the least. But Neolith from Spanish manufacturer THESIZE could help alleviate remodeling woes, speeding up the process and creating less chaos. 

Neolith Kitchen

A Neolith Kitchen by THESIZE

First off, what’s Neolith? It’s a porcelain slab that’s made of 100-percent natural material including clay, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide. THESIZE takes these materials directly from the quarry to their manufacturing facility where, through a high-tech process, they create a lightweight, waterproof material that seems to be practically bulletproof. It’s a high-performance material that’s scratch, stain, UV, cold, heat and fire resistant. Excellent for high-traffic areas as shown below, it’s also resistant to harsh cleaning agents and chemicals, plus it requires little maintenance.

Neolith in Metro

This Metro Station speaks volumes about strength of Neolith; photo via THESIZE

The light weight of Neolith comes from its thickness… or rather thinness. Neolith slabs come as thin as 3mm and as thick as 10 mm. The sheets are far easier to handle and transport than their granite, marble, or quartz counterparts. This also helps cut down on both transportation and fabrication costs. 

Neolith Sink

Neolith can also be crafted into sinks; photo via THESIZE

What makes Neolith outstanding for kitchen and bath remodels is that it can be placed right over top of any existing countertop materials. It eliminates the need to tear apart these very necessary rooms, reducing costs, time, and the mess of demolition. Neolith adds convenience while speeding up the overall remodel process. This can be a fantastic option if you’re looking to make a change but your cabinets are still in great shape.

But if updating the countertop alone doesn’t do the trick, Neolith can also be placed right over existing cabinetry, essentially re-facing them for an entirely new look.

 Neolith used in outside kitchen

An outdoor kitchen done in Neolith

Not only does Neolith make a terrific countertop material, but it can also be placed on existing cabinets, essentially re-facing them for an entirely new look. It speaks to the growing trends of slim profiled countertops as well as dramatic “waterfall” islands with surfacing encasing cabinetry on three sides. It’s available in an array of colors and may be used in smaller tiles or exceptionally large slabs to avoid seams entirely. 

Neolith Cabinet Refacing

Entirely new look given to this cabinet by using Neolith; photo via THESIZE

Want to know more about how a Neolith facelift can change the entire look of your room? Visit our showrooms to check out a sample and talk with our experienced professionals. They’ll tell you more about how Neolith can give you all the benefits of a full remodel with a fraction of the effort.  


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