Marble Countertops: If it’s good enough for the Taj Mahal, it’s good enough for you

March 28, 2013
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Quartz v. Granite: Which comes out on top as a Kitchen Countertops?

March 21, 2013
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Crystaline Stone: The Difference Between Dyed and Infused

March 19, 2013

Intercrystalline Coloring is more than simply adding a splash of the rainbow. This is the process that can take an ordinary stone and turn it into a piece that catches the eye. For, it is what gives a deep, rich color that makes the stone seemingly glow from within. The process begins with heat in a vacuum setting, adding pressure. The stone separates on a microscopic level, creating small voids. Color is then added to the space, and set. This is where the character of the stone is born. The depth required to perform the colorization is merely a few centimeters. And that is the difference between seeing a color stand on top of the crystals to becoming one with them. Crystaline Stone has turned this process into an art form.

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Nine New colors of Caesarstone for 2013

March 14, 2013
When a new product enters the market as popular as Caesarstone, there is often quite a buzz. Small wonder, since Caesarstone has been identified as an excellent choice for countertops in posh New York apartments, upscale hotels and any number of luxury homes. So when several distinct, new colors were added to the Classico group, heads have turned to gaze upon the exquisite choices. They are:

Ocean Foam


Piatra Grey

Frosty Carrina


London Grey

Dreamy Marfil

Jet Black

Red Shimmer

This company is a lot more than countertops, backsplashes or flooring. It represents the new age of thinking that believes in investing a great deal of time and effort to make the best products for its customers, which so many other companies overlook. In addition, the customer service goes beyond what is given at the sales counter. It extends to the only warranty you will find that is in effect for the full length of time you own your home. It goes well beyond the showroom to the warehouse, where all unused materials are recycled. It encompasses the Earth, as Caesarstone has constantly sought to make the smallest possible footprint. Caesarstone uses tools that require less power. It employs recycling policies in the manufacturing process and the use of water throughout its plants. And Caesarstone employs dust reduction procedures. So it stands to reason that this addition of new colors to an already amazing line was created by those who are inspired by Nature herself.

All this, while creating outstanding materials with incredible characteristics. Some of them include the non-porous surface, that not only lasts years, requires little or no maintenance, while retaining that new look which is so desired. In addition, the lack of pores means a lack of a handhold for bacteria. There are numerous other characteristics: stain, scratch and heat resistant, with a natural look and very comfortable feel to the touch.

The Classico line is a brilliant one, as shown in the brochure. Ranging from a bright red to subdued white, any color scheme can be incorporated using these. And, we at Marble and Granite understand the importance of their mission, bringing the best product to the markets, while retaining the precious resources of Earth, air, water and environment. For this reason, we are quite happy to have one of the largest inventories of the entire line. Contact us today for a personal viewing.

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Have you seen this: Properties of Crystaline Stone

March 12, 2013

You need no longer worry about the surface of your countertop. The kids cannot ruin it with pens, the husband cannot stain it with his motor oil or even spray paint, and the incident involving your neighbors’ spilled red wine can be brushed off stoically. You can have that gorgeous countertop without stress.

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Choose 2 out of 3 when choosing granite countertops: Price, Quality, Service

March 07, 2013

Everyone knows there is some correlation between the cost of something, its quality and service; ie: the time of delivery; generally, the higher the cost, higher quality is inferred and the quicker the installation. Sometimes it doesn't matter - if the difference is less than a dollar between two similar products. Or quality, perhaps - if you are going to use it only once, say a plastic fork. But when it comes to a renovation in your house, all of these - cost, quality and service - play a major role in your decision making for what type of materials and which fabricator you plan to hire when pricing granite countertops.

If you skimp on the price of installation, you may end up with really poor craftsmanship, and not even the best product would hold up to that. The lowest price in a fabricator could mean the installation may take a very long time, causing your renovation to be that much more inconvenient, especially if it is in your living space. Or, perhaps the installation could be shoddy, with unsightly seams or shortcuts taken, degrading the overall appearance. It is best to shy away from the folks who give the very lowest bid when pricing granite countertops, even though they are initially very tempting. You may be unhappy with the final result. Feel free to visit our blog for ideas and more tips.

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A New Frontier: Crystaline Stone goes where no countertop has gone before

March 05, 2013

There’s been a lot of buzz about crystaline stone 

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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Marble

February 26, 2013

Choosing materials for your kitchen and bath renovations can seem overwhelming, but if you want a durable material with minimal maintenance needs, you can't go wrong with marble. This stone will not only stand the test of time, but also has an ageless aesthetic appeal, allowing it to be right at home in an ornate, traditional home or a sleek, modern space. While there are plenty of familiar ways to use marble in interior design, don't be afraid to branch out. Take a look at some unique ways to use marble in home design.

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Marble Countertops Are Ideal For Any Setting

February 21, 2013

Nearly everyone loves to gaze at marble. It adds character and class to any setting. Augustus proudly said he found Rome made of bricks and left it marble. The Pantheon is made of marble, as well as the Lincoln Memorial. Time has shown marble to be long lasting, durable, beautiful and unique because of its veins. Marble countertops make any setting beautiful. Last year brought the trend of white marble.

When you choose marble countertops you are making an elegant statement that your presence will last decades. Small wonder the trend is to bring back marble in residential and commercial settings. Wherever marble is found, it always gives us pause, as we never tire seeing it.

In the world of white marble countertops, there are many variances, at least 27 in fact. Some tend toward the gray. Others are a bit more creamy or granular. Those in the most pure form are without a doubt the hardest to procure and therefore the most expensive. White marble can be found on many continents. However, the most sought after types are from the quarries in Barry, Vermont and Carrara, Italy.

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4 Essential Elements of a Baker's Kitchen Countertops

February 19, 2013

There's nothing as welcoming as the smell of cookies in the oven or a perfectly-baked apple pie cooling on a rack in your kitchen. If you're an avid baker, you need a kitchen design incorporating elements that make your baking days even more enjoyable. These four baker's kitchen essentials will get you started: 

  1. Layout and organization. Baking is much easier and a lot more fun when everything you need is at your fingertips.  Include plenty of counter space for mixing and rolling out dough, cooling your goodies and keeping things organized as you work. An island is ideal for working in pairs, as well as a comfortable place for a guest to enjoy watching the baking action. 
  2. Oven capacity. A double oven means double the goods you can bake at one time. An extra-wide oven will accommodate two cookie sheets instead of one, as well as make big meals such as Thanksgiving dinner much easier.
  3. Storage. Ample storage space to organize your baking pans and supplies is a must. Include plenty of cupboard space to keep your baking staples easily accessible. Shallow pull-out storage drawers make spices and tools easy to find, while a large pantry is perfect for storing items in bulk, along with essential tools you don't use very often, such as a pasta machine or food processor.
  4. Work surfaces. Every baker knows that marble countertops are ideal for rolling out pie crusts. Beautiful and durable, marble is beloved by bakers because it keeps the dough cool, is nonporous, resistant to bacteria, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

If you're looking for a New England stone wholesaler, check out our large selection of marble countertops and get inspired! 

Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc.

Photo by Houzzby Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc

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