The Allure of Backlit Stone

The Allure of Backlit Stone

August 07, 2014

Natural stone has a striking depth of character all its own, however some stones can look particularly striking when backlit. Adding a light source from behind can completely transform the look, adding a real “wow” factor to projects including backsplashes, wall features, room dividers, countertops, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops, tables, murals, decorative furniture, wall coverings and much more.

Honey Onyx Backsplash

 Backlit Honey Onyx backsplash by Adams + Beasley Associates; photo via Houzz

When milled to only a few millimeters in thickness and backlit, surfaces such as onyx, marble, and Crystaline Stone become dazzlingly translucent. The light helps to create an intriguing array of colors and patterns, highlighting the natural hues and unique characteristics that Mother Nature herself created.

Aquamarine Gem Crystaline Stone
 “Aquamarine Gems” Crystaline Stone display at Marble and Granite, Inc.

In our showroom, we have several backlit Crystaline Stone slabs on display, such as Aquamarine Gems shown above. Crystaline Stone is a remarkably durable and colorful material that can look incredibly luxurious and breathtaking used with light. Rays filter through and dance off of the crystal-like structures inside. The Gems collection, in particular, shines and glimmers, resembling genuine gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, aquamarines, and emeralds.

Onyx is another beautiful natural stone that offers exotic translucence. With natural light, it has a distinctive, almost effervescent look. But when a backlighting source is introduced, the colors appear warmer and even more vibrant.

Green Crystaline Onyx

Backlit Green Crystaline Onyx; photo via Crystaline Stone

Backlit looks are popular among architects, designers, and homeowners alike, who are looking to make a dramatic statement. Shining light through the panels, no matter how they are used in a project, helps to intensify the details and highlight each individual pattern. Depending on the particular slab’s movement and veining, the result can be warm and inviting or dramatic and awe-inspiring. Whatever the application, backlighting helps to create a breathtaking effect.

Soft Blue Crystaline Onyx

Backlit Soft Blue Crystaline Onyx; photo via Crystaline Stone

Want to know more about which stones look the most distinctive and dramatic with backlighting? Come into one of our two showrooms to experience our striking displays in person. Our knowledgeable team of stone experts will answer all of your questions and offer suggestions for creating your own magnificent projects.


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