What Makes Marble and Granite, Inc. Unique?

What Makes Marble and Granite, Inc. Unique?

August 12, 2014

Every now and then, we receive a thank-you letter that reminds us why we love the business we’re in. It’s our goal to remain a step above other natural stone wholesalers. And nothing makes us more proud than when we accomplish this goal. It is with great pride that we share the following letter we recently received from two customers who are very pleased with the caliber of customer service they received at Marble and Granite, Inc.

Marble and Granite Inc.

Slab display area of our warehouse in Westwood, MA; bright, immaculate and inviting

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to the staff in your Westwood showroom. My husband, Joe, and I have just begun our very first kitchen renovation. Since we’re in our mid-fifties and our children are now grown and out of the house, it’s been a long time coming. We had absolutely no idea where to begin. The day we first visited your Westwood showroom, we were stressed, frazzled, and confused. But your welcoming staff helped us put our entire project into perspective, answered our many, many questions, and even made us feel relaxed and comfortable – even though we showed up to the showroom without an appointment! 

That particular day, we took off work to make the special trip from the cape to Westwood. We were stuck in traffic on Route 3, which put us both on edge. Not only that, but we had never heard of half of the products offered (ColorQuartz, Soapstone, and Quartzite oh my!) so we really had no idea what questions to even ask. In spite of our sour moods, we were very warmly greeted by Andrea. She offered us coffee and even led us to the restrooms, knowing we had been on the road awhile.

Once we calmed down a bit and got our bearings, Andrea patiently walked us through the sign-in process before escorting us to the showroom area. As we were walking in, we encountered an employee from another department (I believe it was accounting, if I’m not mistaken.) I mention this because we both remembered and remarked later how friendly this person was even though they wouldn’t be the ones selling us anything. She held the door open for us, asked where we were from, and asked what kind of project we were working on before wishing us luck and a good day.

After Andrea showed us the lay of the land, gave us some basic knowledge on the various products, and showed us how to easily read the pricing thermometer (really helpful, by the way!), she let us browse on our own for a bit. We really appreciated this time to discuss our individual desires and come to a common ground on what we were looking for. Once we at least began to narrow down the materials we preferred, Andrea was happy to step back in and be a part of our conversation. She very patiently answered every question we asked, even the ones we were a little embarrassed to ask, like “what’s the difference between marble and granite?”

Despite the fact that there was so much action going on inside, we felt extremely comfortable. Every single employee we encountered acknowledged us and made us feel very welcome. And the stone “movers” (as I called them) really went out of their way to ensure we were out of harms way as they moved the very large slabs around from place to place.

There was so much to look at (so much, in fact, that I found the tumbled tiles we’re using for our backsplash just by walking down the hallway for another cup of coffee!) yet we didn’t feel overwhelmed. Andrea did an excellent job of helping us navigate something totally unfamiliar to us. We now feel genuinely educated on nearly all types of natural stone and we feel extremely confident that we’re going to make the right decision. We’ve yet to make a final choice on our countertop material, but we are miles closer to it than we were just a few short weeks ago before our visit to your showroom.

We just wanted you to know that the dedicated and friendly nature of your employees does not go unnoticed and though we’ve not even finalized our project yet, we will not hesitate to recommend Marble & Granite to our friends, neighbors, and anyone working on home renovations.

Susan and Joe Samuels
Mashpee, MA


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