Neolith: A Modern Material for a Timeless Renovation

Neolith: A Modern Material for a Timeless Renovation

July 17, 2014

This residential property located in the heart of the Eixample area of Barcelona, Spain serves as a shining example of how modern technology can produce timeless design. The floors in this 100-year-old Modernist style home were recently renovated with state-of-the-art Neolith ultra compact surfacing—a product that stands out not only for its design but also for its versatility, durability, and sustainability.

Neolith Floors

Neolith transformed the floors of this historical home from tired to timeless; photo via THESIZE

Though it’s a very modern and innovative surface, Neolith may be incorporated into designs that are timeless and classic, much like this Modernist style home.

The redone rooms include the living space, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and guest bathroom. The designers took great care to use color, pattern, and shapes to help differentiate the various areas of the home.

Overall, the home uses organic shapes and classic lines, typical of the Modernist style. Since Neolith comes in extremely light, thin sheets, it was relatively easy to use sophisticated cutting techniques to meticulously create curved lines and floral patterns. In this project, each part has been cut specifically to size to create the overall aesthetic.

Hallway flooring in Neolith

Since Neolith is so thin and light, it’s easy to cut into intricate designs, such as flowers and leaves.

The design uses muted tones including Basalt Beige and Moka to create an elegant and bright atmosphere while preserving the original modern aesthetic and turning each room into a unique space.

One reason Neolith makes a great flooring material is that it comes in exceptionally large sheets, so it can be installed with few seams or grout lines. In fact, we’ve recently installed full sheets of Neolith flooring in our newly renovated Westwood showroom. It’s suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor applications. It makes a great surface for wall cladding, facades, countertops, and furniture. Plus, the fact that it’s thin enough to be adhered directly onto the existing surface helps make installation much easier than natural stone surfaces.

Neolith flooring in Basaltbeige and Moka

Patterns and colors help to differentiate the various living spaces; photo via THESIZE

Want to know more about Neolith’s durable versatility and how it can be incorporated into your projects? Give us a call at 877-39-STONE.

Project Architects: Pere Martínez y Alexis Noguerol
Project Interior Designer: Josep Noguerol


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