Neolith: Beyond the Countertop

Neolith: Beyond the Countertop

July 29, 2014

So often, when we talk about natural stone and surfacing, we reference countertops. But we know that you have more on your design plate, so to speak, than bathrooms and kitchens. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring you the very latest products and style ideas. One of these products, in particular, is Neolith. And while Neolith does make an incredibly durable, functional, and attractive countertop material, what you may not know is that it’s useful for so much more.

Neolith Countertop

Neolith surfacing is ideal for so much more than countertops; photo via THESIZE

First of all, what exactly is Neolith? It’s an ultra-compact surface made up of 100-percent natural minerals including clay, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide. It’s made in Spain through a high-tech process that creates a lightweight, waterproof material that’s also scratch, stain, UV, cold, heat, and fire resistant. Neolith also stands up to harsh cleaning agents and is very easy to clean and maintain. It can easily handle high traffic areas and abrasions, looking brand new well into its life cycle.

Neolith can be used on virtually any surface, ceiling to floor, inside or out. And since it’s available in a diverse selection of colors and patterns, there’s bound to be a selection of Neolith that fits the look you’re going for, no matter what the project is you’re working on.

Neolith comes in a vast array of sizes too, including slabs up to 144-inches long and as thin as 3- to 5- millimeters. This makes it excellent for achieving long stretches without seams or joints. Plus, it’s so thin and light that it’s very easy to transport and install, making it a sensible alternative to natural stone, especially for applications such as…

Since Neolith is deigned to be unaffected by extreme high or low temperatures, moisture, harsh chemicals, fire, and even ultraviolet rays, it’s a fantastic material for outdoor cladding. Even the most demanding architectural projects can make use of this exceptionaly versatile material since it has a very high shear rate. This means it can handle very heavy loads of pressure. It’s so light, thin, and efficient that its “super hero” strength makes Neolith one of the most innovative products ever available in the cladding industry.

Facade done in Neolith

Neolith stands up to Mother Nature making it an ideal choice for facades; photo via THESIZE

Since Neolith stands up to abrasions, even in high traffic areas, it has a distinct advantage over natural stone when it comes to flooring. Plus, since Neolith may be cut into very large pieces, it’s great for the current “large format” tile trend. Since it’s extremely lightweight and thin, it’s easy to transport from warehouse to construction site, something no tile could ever claim. Plus, since Neolith comes in a set thickness, it will always produce an even surface, avoiding “lippage” that can occur with natural stone.

Neolith Flooring

Neolith is extremely suitable for high traffic flooring, such as this car show; photo via THESIZE

The same attributes that make Neolith a stellar choice for flooring and cladding make it ideal for interior walls. The high-performing surface is lightweight and can be used to achieve long stretches of walls without seams or joints. Plus, it comes in dozens of colors and textures including those that mimic the look of wood, slate, iron, and more.

Neolith for wall application

The variety of colors and textures available make Neolith a great option for statement making wall coverings. Photo courtesy of THESIZE

Cabinet Veneers
While Neolith is great for countertops since it has an extremely low absorption rate (perfect for areas for food contact and processing), it’s also a great choice for cabinet coverings as well. One exceptionally unique feature of Neolith is that it may be placed right over top of any existing cabinet material as a veneer. This eliminates the need to tear apart very necessary rooms, such as the kitchen and bath, reducing costs, time, and the mess of demolition.

Neolith for Veneers

So thin and light, Neolith can be placed right over existing cabinetry as a veneer. Photo courtesy of THESIZE.

Marble and Granite, Inc. is one of the largest distributors of Neolith on the east coast. If you’d like to investigate this revolutionary material, visit one of our New England showroom locations. You can also learn more about versatile Neolith on our website and at


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