Crystaline Stone: Bold, Exotic, Unique

Crystaline Stone: Bold, Exotic, Unique

June 19, 2014

Looking to add sparkle to your seating? Want to add a bit of the exotic to your egress? Or maybe you’re looking for something bold in the bath? Whatever unique statement you might be looking to make, Crystaline Stone can help.

Crystaline Stone

Backlit chairs made of Crystaline Stone at Marble & Granite, Inc.’s Westwood, MA showroom, add the right amount of sparkle for a festive atmosphere.

An example of a striking focal point that’s also functional is this seating made of Crystaline Stone. Created for the recent grand re-opening of our Westwood, MA showroom, we added back lighting for a truly out of the ordinary experience. Custom Crystaline Stone seating would make a great statement in a nightclub, restaurant, hotel lobby or anywhere seating takes center stage.

Crystaline Stone

 Do you recognize this famous person who visited our Westwood showroom recently?

The mesmerizing colors of Crystaline Stone are permanent and last a lifetime. Backlighting creates a particularly breathtaking effect as light filters through and dances off of the surface. The two examples shown above are slabs that we suspended from beams under the mezzanine of our showroom and backlit for a cool, dramatic effect.

Not only good for throne-like chairs fit for a king or queen, Crystaline Stone may be used to create a dramatic focal point nearly anywhere. It can be made into flooring, wall covering, decorative furniture, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, tables, murals, and more. The material is made when temperatures and pressure, combined with specially developed sealants and pigments, molecularly fuse together. The result is bold, permanent color throughout the stone. It’s a remarkably durable and colorful material with the same properties and characteristics as the original natural stones (usually white marble and onyx.) Because pores in the stone are filed in the creation process, the material is actually easier to clean than traditional stone.

Saphire Gems Crystaline Stone

Saphire Gems Crystaline Stone; photo via Marble and Granite, Inc. 

Looking to add ambiance to your project? Check out our inventory of Crystaline Stone online, or better yet, visit one of our two New England area showrooms to see the dramatic effect in person.


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